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Product Update

Saama's Product Advisory Board (PAB)

Saama’s first Product Advisory Board convened on December 7 and brought together industry leaders who run key Clinical Operations, Data Management, Biostatistics and Artificial Intelligence initiatives at the world’s most innovative life science companies.

PAB attendees were split into two groups – one focused on Clinical Analytics and the other on Data Management & Submissions – and provided feedback on the 2021 Life Science Analytics Cloud (LSAC) roadmap. Topics discussed included:

Clinical Analytics:

  • Centralized integration of clinical and commercial data (RWE, bio-bank data, master metadata set) within LSAC [sponsor requested]
  • Commercial Insights (launching 2021) with physician targeting, KOL identification, contracting, sales messaging, integrated claims datasets, GPO contracting, doctor site contracting, and more [Saama LSAC Roadmap]
  • “Dr. DaLIA” – an extension to our powerful virtual assistant
  • Diversity in clinical trials within LSAC [sponsor requested, part of 2021 pipeline]
  • Portfolio Summary at a Therapeutic Area dashboards (ie. how is a site performing across all studies & TA’s) [sponsor requested]
  • Additional Operations Insights Dashboards (Q2 2021 release)
  • Providing industry benchmarks on legacy trials in our RBQM application

Data Management & Submissions:

  • The “big white space” before clinical conduct
  • Planned adapters for additional EDC systems, and more
  • Expanding the scope of Smart Data Query
    • Incorporating external data models into SDQ
  • Training AI on our partner sponsors’ legacy trial data
  • Snapshot Management & Fine-grained Access
  • Proof-of-concept for Saama’s Smart Programming, Analytics & Computing Environment (SPACE)

The Product Advisory Board was an incredible opportunity for Saama’s product team to hear from (and prioritize the requests of) top sponsors, and also provided exposure to industry leaders’ successes, failures, and advice with respect to Saama’s analytics and AI products. We’re proud to continue evolving our best-in-class software solutions for clinical conduct teams, and are looking forward to sharing more on our innovative products in 2021.

Thanks again to all our industry partners and PAB attendees for this productive advisory session.

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