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Product Update

Product Update - LSAC 3.3

LSAC 3.3 Brings Improvements to Operational Dashboards and Risk Detection

We are excited to announce the next release of Saama’s Life Science Analytics Cloud. We’ll detail new features and enhancements to Operations Insights, DaLIA, and RBQM.

Operations Insights

The Operations Insights application provides timely, targeted analytics to enable executives, study managers, and CRAs to monitor and optimize key operational metrics across a portfolio of clinical studies for functional areas such as enrollment, subject compliance, and site productivity. 

What’s New for Operations Insights in LSAC 3.3:

  • An enhanced Site Activation Dashboard will show the top 5 and bottom 5 performing sites
  • Enhancements to the Safety Summary Dashboard include:  
    • Cumulative SAE/AE Event Overtime renamed AE/SAE Trend 
    • AE/SAE Trend updated with toggle for Cumulative AE/SAE count – By Relatedness
    • AE term for study automatically sorted by frequency
    • AE by Body System update with X-Axis measure across AE count aggregated by Serious AE/Unrelated, Serious AE/Related, Non-Serious AE/Related, and Non-Serious AE/Unrelated
  • Tracking for report and dashboard location is now much easier using the breadcrumb navigation
  • Site Summary and Portfolio Summary dashboards can now be exported to PDF 
  • Study Planning data table has been enabled to handle decimal values

Smart Search Powered by DaLIA

LSAC Smart Search is powered by Saama’s proprietary Deep Learning Intelligent Assistant (DaLIA). DaLIA is trained to understand and answer questions, in English, in the clinical development domain.

What’s New for DaLIA in LSAC 3.3:

  • Introduction of new Search intelligence for answering questions on:
    • Protocol Deviation Count and Rate
    • AE/SAE Count, Rate, and Relatedness 
    • Closed, Answer, Open Query Rate
  • Search query counts based on Time
    • Example: Number of queries opened in the last 3 days?
  • DaLIA Smart Search bar enhanced with:
    • Top 5 FAQs, specific to each customer account for easier search
    • Better Suggestive Questions by DaLIA
    • Navigate search items in DaLIA search bar using up and down keyboard arrows 
  • DaLIA Smart Search algorithm refactored for faster performance
  • DaLIA Summary Card updated to show better suggestive questions and reduce ambiguity  

RBQM RACT (Risk Assessment and Categorization Tool) Enhancements

In case you need a refresher, LSAC’s RACT (introduced in the 3.2 release) allows you to easily facilitate risk planning, assessment, and mitigation in a collaborative manner. With this release, we have made product improvements to make risk assessment as easy as possible.

What’s New for RBQM in LSAC 3.3: 

  • Save and duplicate existing CUSTOM RACT Template within the Create Custom RACT Template module
    • Save a drafted RACT Template at any point in time
    • Repurpose an existing custom template and deploy a new custom template
    • View or duplicate any existing template within the account
  • Easily reference KPIs, Reports, and Dashboards within the RACT Assessment module
    • Configure links to existing KPIs, Reports, and Dashboards
    • Review linked items and launch them directly from the Risk Scorecard for each Risk Category
  • Easily reference to KRI monitors within the RACT Assessment module
    • Link one or more OOB/Custom monitors within the risk subcategory console
    • Review linked monitors and launch them directly from the Risk Scorecard for each Risk Category

Bug Fixes

  • COM-2089: RACT status is changed to Draft if user approves RACT second time after some changes which were made by author
  • COM-2016: Only studies assigned to RACT should be available to select from ‘Studies’ filter
  • COM-2053: ‘Go to task’ button is missing in Reject email notification which is sent to Author after RACT rejection
  • COM-2015: Background circle for total risk score on the card with 0 (zero) value has green color
  • COM-2207: Study Summary and Portfolio Summary – Updated Latest Milestone logic in the milestone section. 
  • CS-3794 : Error in representation in focus Quality Measures dashboard. The ‘Average Protocol Deviations’ board is now showing the metric ‘Per Visit’ as a numeric value.
  • CS-3783 : Portfolio Summary>> Study Milestone>> Value display issue in UI
  • CS-2352 : Portfolio Summary >> Portfolio Performance Overview>> “Latest Milestone” fix
  • CS-2958 :Study Milestones Dashboard>>Days delayed calculated incorrectly on tooltip.
  • CS-3870 : Study>>Quality Metrics-Dashboard>> Issue resolution By Sites>> Data count mismatch 

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