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Product Update

Product Update - LSAC 3.4

LSAC 3.4 Brings Improvements to Operational Dashboards and Risk Detection

We are excited to announce the next release of Saama’s Life Science Analytics Cloud. We’ll detail new features and enhancements to Operations Insights, DaLIA, and RACT.

Operations Insights

The Operations Insights application provides timely, targeted analytics to enable executives, study managers, and CRAs to monitor and optimize key operational metrics across a portfolio of clinical studies for functional areas such as enrollment, subject compliance, and site productivity. 

What’s New for Operations Insights in LSAC 3.4:

Enhanced Site Activation Dashboard:

  • Ability to Track Activation Progress of individual Study Site(s)
  • Ability to display Mean Cycle times for study start-up milestones Cross-Site 

Enhanced Enrollment Dashboard:

  • Ability to track Screen Failure reasons
  • Disabled Study completion by Visit Widget from the dashboard
  • Ability to track Enrollment Progress of each Study Sites

Enhanced Quality Measures  Dashboard:

  • Ability to track Protocol Deviations reported by each Study Sites for direct exposure to each study site performance w.r.t to protocol deviation.
  • Enable Count of Sites for each Country in existing Site Issue widget

Enhanced Data Metrics Dashboard:

  • Ability to track Data Quality matrix for each Study Sites

Freeze Column and Header in Listing reports for improved user experience when scrolling to the right.

Smart Search Powered by DaLIA

LSAC Smart Search is powered by Saama’s proprietary Deep Learning Intelligent Assistant (DaLIA). DaLIA is trained to understand and answer questions, in English, in the clinical development domain.

What’s New for DaLIA in LSAC 3.4:

Dalia is trained on the following intents 

  • Concomitant Medication 
  • Protocol Deviation 
  • AE Frequency (% of subjects) by AE term, relatedness, and severity.

Longitudinal Search query (time-based search option)

  • Count of AE/SAE reported in the last 30 days?
  • Count/ Rate of Protocol Deviation in last 15 days or between the particular time period/date range

DaLIA Smart search bar enhanced to include:

  • Studyid / Study name enabled in Auto suggestions for study entity questions
  • Intuitive sequencing of Auto-fill suggestions 
  • Entity Auto-suggestion considers MSF (Master study filter)

RACT (Risk Assessment and Categorization Tool) Enhancements

In case you need a refresher, LSAC’s RACT (introduced in the 3.2 release) allows you to easily facilitate risk planning, assessment, and mitigation in a collaborative manner.

What’s New for RBQM in LSAC 3.4: 

  • Enhanced Audit Trail functionality to include timestamp and action performed.
  • Ability to Save and continue later with RACT assessment and Template configuration 
  • Ability to view previous versioning of RACT template to allow the user to revisit and compare changes to templates

Bug Fixes

  • Harmonize business logic for Protocol Deviation Count across dashboards, Dalia Output, and List Report
  • COM-2695: After selecting the last AE on the bar, details are not visible while hovering over it. Need to show AE details inside the KPI.
  • CS-5531: Data Metrics Dashboard – on the Data Point Collection Bar chart ‘Data Point Completion %’ total count is more than 100

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