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Product Update

Product Update - SDQ 2.1

Data Ingestion Gets Easier in SDQ 2.1

Saama’s AI applications are becoming more tightly coupled, and changes to the way clinical data is ingested in Smart Auto Mapper (SAM) have downstream implications for Data managers and Model Managers in SDQ.

What’s New for SDQ in the 2.1 Release:

  • Smart Data Quality now accommodates the data ingestion improvements made in SAM:
    • The BioStat Adapter will be used to ingest clinical data for all studies using RAVE EDC.
    • The BioStat API has been configured to acquire data from all domains.
  • The Operational Data Model (ODM) has been retrained for Operational Data and for Metadata, and will be used to acquire operational data (query, lock, freeze) and Metadata (formdef, itemdef, study, sites).
  • Based on Smart Auto Mapper (SAM) hotfixes, SDQ mappings have been updated to meet the mapping requirements for Form Index to include the actual RAVE record id.

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