Saama Quarterly Update - Q3


CEO, Suresh Katta, discusses some of Saama’s successes from the past 9 months, highlighting spectacular results from several different teams.

CSO, Sagar Anisingaraju, highlights several key outcomes from the last quarter and offers his own takeaways.

CFO, Simon Ho, reviews the financial successes of Q3, including an 18% year-over-year growth from Q3 2017 and the closing of Saama’s largest-ever licensing deal.

In this Q3 marketing update, SVP Marketing, Karim Damji, reviews blogs, articles, and market positioning.


CTO, Rajeev Dadia, recognizes Saama’s Q3 role in ensuring client success and looks forward to Q4.

India BU Head, Rakesh Rajendran, offers congratulations on the positive results of the Q3 GXP audit and the successes of various teams throughout Saama.

Senior Director, Operations and People, Nirali Matalia, highlights Saama’s healthy work-life balance, compliance achievements, and diversity.

VP of Engineering, Krunal Patel, updates us on the activities of Engineering and Architecture during Q3.