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Article Blog Featured - Blog Healthcare Life Sciences October 6, 2016 3 minute read

Rising stakes on Patient-centric care, Value-Based pricing & RWD?

Patient-centric care that was once the most sought-after trend for the pharma industry, has now gone mainstream. In this blog, Murali Krishnam, Vice President – Life Sciences Analytics Solutions, Saama Technologies, shares his experiences from the recently concluded Advanced Pharma Analytics USA Summit and also spotlights the new trends that will be steering the industry into the next growth wave.

I was recently at the Advanced Pharma Analytics USA conference, formerly known as Big DiP, focusing exclusively on Advanced Analytics topics. The event was themed around leveraging real world data for improving patient-centric approaches and enhancing value through better business decision making. There was a good blend of insights and trends presented from organizations across biopharma, academia, regulatory and patient-centric non-profits.

Patient-centric care has evolved from a mere concept to delivering more efficient, patient-centered system of care in which individuals (and providers) have real-time access and visibility into information. Technology companies are disrupting the industry with innovative solutions and access to real-time patient consented data is enabling newer business models. Some of the transformative business models include moving from post diagnostic care to preventive care and risk sharing between payers and members.

Consumers today value online and mobile information exchange with their provider and health plan. 62% of respondents to Deloitte’s 2015 Survey of U.S. Health Care Consumers feel comfortable consulting with a provider via email or phone; 52% of consumers would like access to technology that enables review of quality and satisfaction rankings; and 36% of consumers have no concerns about using mobile technology to pay their medical bills. This is an encouraging trend indicating the uptake of m-health services in the years to come.

patient centric healthcare model

Below are some of the key takeaways from the conference:

There was less emphasize on patient-centric approach in the presentations, which indicate that patient-centric approach has moved on from a buzzword to being streamlined and integrated throughout companies value chain.

Growing focus on value based pricing is shifting the commercial decision making power from prescribers to payers. It was good to hear from a few biopharma companies willing to take the lead on outcome based contracts. While the experimentation continues, it will be critical to identify the outcome measurements, duration of measurement, monitoring process, data collection and necessary protocols for adjudication. The goal would be to create a win-win scenario, augmented by a proper framework, as lack of it will result in one or both parties to lose out.

Lastly, the use of real world data appeared to be the larger theme and was well articulated including case studies by many companies. The use-cases covered the entire life-cycle including “Early Warning Systems” for potentially preventable conditions, Early compound development, Clinical trial design, Targeted trial recruitment, Market preparation & Launch/Post-market surveillance.

With some of the buzzwords moving into mainstream and while others going through experimentation, my top recommendations are below:

  1. Repeatability – Move from experimenting with your data to creating a repeatable data-to-decision processes
  2. Integrated View – Take an integrated view of your data, processes and decision making
  3. Adoption – While the data and technology needs to be centralized, the use of data can be democratized. Look at each and every persona in the decision making system who can benefit from use of real world data and customize the experience. Alternatively, consider providing Analytics/Insights as a Service to key decision makers to increase adoption.
  4. Beg-Borrow-Steal – Look beyond biopharma ecosystem to learn and leverage from other industries

Saama Technologies was an Expertise Partner this year at the Advanced Pharma Analytics USA conference. Learn more on Saama’s Fluid Analytics on Healthcare and Lifesciences.

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