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Article Blog Featured - Blog Partners January 19, 2016 2 minute read

Saama Partner, Informatica, is Announced Leader in Data Quality Solutions Report by Forrester

Informatica is a software provider focused on improving data quality and has been positioned as a Leader in The Forrester Wave: Data Quality Solutions, 2015.

Data quality is probably the number one impact on the customer experience with a BI tool or the ability to actually get the good, quality data, that’s trusted so that they can use the insights to act on data that is in good shape. As the repository of data is integrated by tools like Informatica, that quality of data has to be more complex, more specific, and have the ability to scale with the data challenges of keeping so much data from multiple data sources in the industry today.

Data quality or data quality governance is probably one of Informatica’s best tools they have in their data integration product suite. The single hybrid solution that Informatica talks about between the cloud or on-premise or the ability to use Informatica onboard data integration technologies in and including the utilities around Apache SPARK and Hadoop Yarn will allow clients and potential customers to infinitely scale Big Data deployments. The biggest benefits to the clients or customers is the ability that this is a repeatable solution that can be applied to all data sources across their infrastructure.

Using Informatica’s product, this allows the data quality rules that are so specific and robust to be applied or defined and deployed anywhere a business might need them to be deployed. With leveraging cloud infrastructure like with Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud Platform, data governance can be deployed worldwide across the entire Enterprise Infrastructure wherever that client needs that data. This is totally agnostic to the type of data or the underlying platform and technologies where that data might reside.

Saama values the partnership with Informatica and we find pride in taking a combined solution that includes Informatica products to clients so they can ensure data quality for trusted and scalable data or Big Data insights.

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Congratulations to Informatica for their well-deserved leadership placement on The Forrester Wave!

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