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Article Big Data Blog March 27, 2019 3 minute read

Saama: Walking in IDC’s Footprint, But Forging Our Own Path

Saama recently attended IDC’s 2019 Directions Conference in Santa Clara, CA to hear from the go-to IT industry advisor about how to ensure success in the scaled-up digital economy. The information shared by IDC during the conference was yet another validation of the accuracy of Saama’s strategic vision and data analytics offerings for the life sciences industry.

The conference also reinforced how well-aligned Saama is with IDC’s framework and industry-specific use cases for digital transformation. The conference underscored that the strategic vision, solutions and partnerships Saama has built over the past few years to provide pharma and biotech with data analytics to optimize their drug discovery processes reflect IDC’s recommended digital journey strategy and roadmap.

IDC identified the emergence of competitive “neighborhoods” – technology stacks and partnerships that facilitate digital transformation in a world of multiplied innovation, where an estimated $7.5 trillion will be spent by 2022.[1] Per IDC, Mega-Platforms with horizontal IT services are the critical foundation to such neighborhoods.1 Upon those are built Industry Platforms containing business solutions and services.[1] Topping the stack are Multi-Cloud Integration and Management Platforms that provide services to do just that – integrate and manage.[1]

Saama fits this framework perfectly, and could, in fact, be an IDC use case for the life sciences industry:

  • Our partnership with Amazon and utilization of their scalable and flexible AWS cloud to develop our innovative solution architectures serves as the Mega-Platform.
  • Saama’s award-winning LSAC solution is our life sciences Industry Platform.
  • Unlike the companies in the Multi-Cloud Integration and Management layer that are leveraging the technology stack using a services model, Saama has productized the process to great success, with widespread utilization in the life sciences industry.

However, Saama goes one step further than viewing things from only a commodities perspective. Saama marries the technology with the business side of life sciences to unlock and unleash value-added business outcomes.

This is Saama’s differentiating factor, which is critical given that a key conference take-away was that no one company can do all that is required and provide all that is needed, so strategic identification, vetting and selection of ecosystem partners is paramount. Strategic partnerships and alignments are critical to developing an IT ecosystem that will successfully equip companies for the competitive landscape of the current IT era, identified by IDC as Multiplied Innovation, as well as the future period of Autonomy, in which exponential AI, quantum computing and bio-digital integration will be fully realized.1

Technology clearly continues to accelerate. Life science companies must look holistically across their organizations to ensure that their IT experts have the right resources, solutions and partners to strategically implement and maximum digital transformation, especially in regard to the deployment and optimization of AI. Fortunately, Saama is ideally suited to serve as the mission-critical partner to IT teams at pharma and biotech organizations.

All companies, especially those within the life sciences, must prioritize their digital transformation, determine which solutions best fit their needs, and identify the data analytics partners that will empower them to optimize their digital journey.

According to what we heard at IDC, Saama fits the bill perfectly.

[1] IDC, Multiplied Innovation: Scaling a Technology Revolution, Doc# DR2019_GS1_FG, March 2019

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