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Article Blog Life Sciences December 10, 2018 2 minute read

Saama’s New Patent and Why it Matters

Saama’s expertise as a leading data analytics innovator continues to be recognized, with the company having just been awarded a new patent, “Systems and Methods for Analyzing Consumer Sentiment with Social Perspective Insight.”

This patent focuses on a system which is adaptive, making data harmonization and systems of engagement within systems of intelligence more fluid. Through smart metadata and methods like machine learning, as the underlying source system evolves (for example, adding new fields, collecting different data, collecting data at a different frequency, etc.) or new sources get added, Saama’s new system performs multiple iterations to integrate data until it has figured out how the new data will be integrated and what attributes will be utilized in models for more accurate consumer sentiment calculations.

Consumer sentiment is a great example of a high dimensional analytics system which can benefit from many sources of continuously evolving data. Consumer sentiment can be fed from a lot of data sources, such as social media, IoT data, medical data, consumer feedback data, surveys, etc., and new sources emerge seemingly daily. An adaptive system can seamlessly integrate these new dimensions without a need to stop and rehash the system.

Our new system assumes multiple pathways to the outcome and is constantly evaluating and switching to better outcome pathways as and when they become available. The pathway consists of ingestion, harmonization, data quality scoring, having flexibility to look at new data and models, and having some mechanism to evaluate if the new result is a more accurate or less accurate version of the outcome. This combination of ability to try new things and evaluate them while the system is running on the old pathway and then to switch when it finds a better combination of new data, harmonization rules, and models makes the system highly adaptive. The system can evolve to next level of maturity and insight fluidly without stopping, as opposed to stopping and rehashing data ingestion, harmonization and analytical layer when new data domains are introduced.

Our new patent is an extension of our patent application for “Abstractly Implemented Data Analysis Systems and Methods,” which is focuses on methods and apparatuses for creating data analysis systems for generating insights from multiple data sources without users having to know how to code and advanced analytics algorithms.

In short, with outcome being well understood and known, Saama’s recently patented system will allow new data domains to be added without any manual intervention and adapt the models to a new data ecosystem.

I’m so delighted to have worked with Chief Strategy Officer, Sagar Anisingaraju and Prashanth Talanki to see this patent be awarded.

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