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Article Blog Life Sciences September 27, 2017 3 minute read

Setting new standards in optimizing clinical development processes: Saama launches the Life Science Analytics Cloud

Last week was exhilarating, and exhausting, for everyone at Saama. Over the past few months, a buzz had been building across departments of the company regarding a new set of offerings. Finally, the offering was unveiled and it was amazing to see the response it was able to garner almost immediately.

The launch of the Life Science Analytics Cloud was truly a milestone for the company. It involved bringing together expertise from across Saama and meticulously analyzing client needs in the industry to craft a complete set of offerings that can fast-track clinical development processes.

Here is a look at the offerings designed to optimize each step of the journey of a drug in development:

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To quote Suresh Katta, CEO and founder of Saama Technologies:

“We are committed to bringing our signature innovation and deep expertise to driving more efficient, optimized business processes and outcomes in the Life Sciences industry.”

Even before this launch, Saama had been working towards building solutions that are effective and innovative. This approach has been visible with the introduction of its innovative Clinical Data Management as a Service (CDaaS) solution and the company’s decision to develop a Deep Learning center.

This is what Karim Damji, SVP of Product Management and Marketing, had to say:

“Saama’s revolutionary Life Science Analytics Cloud incorporates the latest techniques of deep learning and machine learning along with the industry’s foremost data ingestion and harmonization engine to deliver game-changing results for the industry.”

Here’s a summary of the modules that make up the offering:

Clinical Development Optimizer: A data lifecycle management solution that specializes in integrating and harmonizing data from disparate sources to create a clinical data lake where all the data resides prepped and ready for analytics.

Trial Planning Optimizer: A clinical trial feasibility solution that optimizes the processes governing enrollment, investigator identification, site selection, and patient burden by using Real World Data (RWD).

Cohort Builder: A cohort generation solution that identifies patient populations based on inclusion-exclusion criteria.

Market Analyzer: A commercialization analysis solution that provides the therapeutic value of clinical products, within a market basket and across geographic areas.

Patient Pathways: A patient journey tracking solution that facilitates the evaluation of treatments, disease progression, outcomes, and total economic costs.

The team has been on the road for the last week talking about it, too. Our VP of AI research, Malai Sankarasubbu, chaired the AI Innovation Summit in San Francisco and Dr. Dee Amanze spoke at the Real-World Analytics 2017 conference in Boston. Not to mention, all the meetings and press outreach.

We’ve heard from our customers who feel this is really going to solve issues they see every day. Helping them solve even a fraction of their problems will result in substantial cost savings and has the potential for them to save lives faster. We all know someone who might have lived, had the right drug been available in time.

Recently, Saama was a sponsor at the American Cancer Association fundraiser, which was filled with stories about loved ones who either made it because of the research being done or those who didn’t, because the industry wasn’t fast enough to develop the treatment that would save them. It’s a little overwhelming to think about the impact a data analytics solution can have on real people.

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