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Saama Gives Back.

As a good corporate citizen, Saama believes in investing in the communities where we live and work. All of our employees give generously of their time and talents to create places where people, productivity, and the planet are in balance.

As a company, we have always encouraged our employees to care about our customers and treat them with respect and integrity. Together, we can do even more. There are no acts of service that are too small to make an impact. We encourage our workforce, families, and partners to consider the needs of the community and environment with a spirit of innovation, kindness, and support for the well-being of others.

Saama Takes Action

Open Source Initiative

Because we strongly believe that medical care can be improved through data science, Saama inspired and supports the open source initiative, “How to Improve Lives Using Data Science”, in GitHub. While taking a course on Big Data, two of our employees pulled together a team of 50 people from class to create this independent, open source initiative. We continue to contribute to this effort, which is dedicated to inventing new ways of using technology that will make the community stronger, more vibrant, more sustainable.

Community Contributions

  • Food sorting events at Second Harvest Food Bank
  • Build a Bike/Build a Wheelchair programs for military veterans and families
  • Facing History sponsorship for teaching history, ethical decisions, and tolerance
  • Women’s Initiative in Leadership, celebrating inspirational women in history and business
  • Plantation drive
  • School book donations, computer donations, and scholarships
  • Orphanage donations and child sponsorships
  • Blood drives
  • Diwali Fair to benefit NGOs