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Use Our Purpose-Built COVID-19 Command Center to Optimize Your COVID-19 Clinical Studies

Saama’s targeted new solution delivers all the multiomics and clinical data analytics you need to manage COVID-19 clinical studies—from translational research through clinical development.

Time is of the essence when it comes to treating and curing COVID-19. Because much remains unknown about the disease, and because it affects different people in different ways, COVID-19 clinical trials must look at data that’s specific to individual patients and generalized across patient cohorts.

Saama’s new COVID-19 Command Center combines the power of precision medicine with large-scale clinical trial operations. With unprecedented visibility into multiomics and clinical data sets—along with historical data from past trials—you’ll be able to improve your inclusion/exclusion criteria, monitor individual patients and track trends in patient cohorts, while ensuring patient safety and drug efficacy.

With the COVID-19 Command Center at your fingertips, you’ll be able to:

  • Analyze patient data, including diagnostic markers, COVID-19 inflammation markers, genome sequences, radiology scans, and more—within and across studies
  • Securely integrate internal, proprietary information with externally sourced historical and real-world data to improve patient enrollment and site selection
  • Use historical and real-world data to improve patient enrollment and site selection
  • Leverage an integrated correlation engine (ICE) to correlate COVID specific markers with clinical outcomes
  • Search more than 63,000 scholarly articles about COVID-19, SARS-CoV-2, and related coronaviruses

Serving the informational needs of key decision makers across the Clinical Development continuum—including Sr. Executives, Therapeutic Area Heads, Medical Leads, Clinical Operations Professionals, Data Managers, and Investigative Site Personnel, Saama’s COVID-19 Command Center accelerates clinical programs via operational and clinical data analytics and visualization.

Right out of the box, users gain access to data from thousands of patients in ongoing clinical trials in China, South Korea, and the U.S., with more data being added on a daily basis.

Advance Your Research with the #1 AI Clinical Analytics Platform

Cognitive platforms hold tremendous promise for advancing clinical research, by attacking the underlying causes of poor trial performance and costly delays.

The key to successful COVID-19-related studies is Saama’s unique ability to take data out of its silos and aggregate information—in hours not months—from EDC, CTMS, exploratory assays, genomic sequences, labs, medical imaging, and other sources.

By feeding this data into a Unified Study Data Model, you’ll have a powerful command center at your disposal to create successful studies and see them through to timely completion.

COVID-19 Command Center

Covid-19 Command Center Dashboards

COVID-19 Integrated Datasets

Patient Backgrounds

Explore detailed demographic data, comorbidities, concomitant medications, vitals, labs, disease progression for single patients, as well as summary information for groups of patients.

Central Lab Summary

View COVID-19 specific labs and tests for patients and patient groups, including D-Dimer, CRP, Ferritin, IL-6, Troponin, CKNB, LST/AST, Creatinine, DPPC, and Surfactant Proteins. Dynamic filtering makes it easy to identify and investigate outliers and drill down into specific labs.

Genomic Markers

Visually correlate biomarker relationships within and across patient clusters (shown), perform single-omics analysis that compares groups within a clinical study, and compare genomic expressions and underlying affected pathways, with the ability to filter data for deeper exploration.

COVID-19 Diagnostic Markers

Bring together diagnostic markers—Viral Load, Antibody Tests, CT imaging, Fever, Vital Signs, etc.—to assess disease staging in a single patient, and construct an average patient response during disease progression and treatment.

Advanced Inflammation Markers

Assess patient risk and monitor responses to treatment, using markers such as Flow Panel (CD8, eff/mem etc.), macrophages, Neutrophils, Cytokine Panel, and Elispot (quant CD8, IL-6).

Radiology Scans

Monitor detailed findings from medical images, such as ground glass opacities, consolidations, and crazy paving patterns, for individual patients or groups of patients. Compare scans over time and perform further review with automated image analysis algorithms.

eCOA Data/Activity Data

Gain quick access to patient- and clinician-reported outcomes (respiratory ability, nausea, activity data, etc.) for qualitative measurements of patient safety, disease progression, and treatment efficacy.

Clinical Outcomes

View FEV, Sp02, Fever, Viral Loads, Antibodies and other outcomes, using interactive analytics to better understand the context and results of the treatment progression for each patient.

Adverse Events

Identify common adverse events that occur among patient populations and drill down to a single patient’s AEs during treatment, for fast decision making about dose escalation or medical unblinding.

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