Executive Team Solutions

Gain insights for better business decisions.

Key Benefits

Saama provides actionable insights for better decision making at the leadership level. With our solutions in place, CEOs, Chief Medical Officers, clinical development executives, and other key stakeholders can increase study quality while maintaining budgets, ensuring compliance, and upholding a stellar corporate reputation.

  • Save time and achieve milestones with automated alerts, which identify issues early so you can resolve them before becoming major problems
  • Drill down to root cause for faster query resolution
  • Use historical data patterns to anticipate outcomes in advance

Operations Insights

Saama’s Operations Insights solution delivers a quick, comprehensive overview of risk, quality, and performance indicators across a single study or your entire portfolio, so you can track day-to-day operations and long-term performance trends.

Integrating data from all your disparate sources gives you powerful oversight capabilities, to ensure your studies are in compliance and on track toward successful completion.

  • Quickly identify and address issues at every stage—even in advance
  • Gain productivity insights for better resource allocation
  • Score sites, studies, countries, and vendors—based on metrics you select—to make better, faster decisions
  • Monitor CRO quality agreements and oversight plans in real time
  • Ensure clear communication and more complete and timely data sharing
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Clinical Insights

In order to oversee the development of protocols and documentation for clinical studies, Chief Medical Officers, ClinOps VPs, and other executives need access to comprehensive safety and subject-level data in as close to real time as possible.

  • Gain visibility into changes to data as they happen
  • Address protocol deviations and adverse events earlier, to reduce risk and enhance patient safety
  • Use detailed labs, with access to actual test results, to visualize trends and identify outliers
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