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Remote Monitoring

What’s critical during a pandemic is good clinical practice all the time.

New FDA guidance recommends remote monitoring to maintain oversight of clinical sites during the COVID-19 pandemic. This dovetails with earlier guidance, updated in 2016, on the importance of these capabilities to help detect data anomalies in real time and quickly correct any identified deficiencies.

What’s more, limiting travel expenses and reducing reliance on manual processes makes good business sense no matter what the conditions are on the ground.

While Saama offers a complete Risk-Based Monitoring solution, in the short term we can get you up and running fast with Remote Monitoring of your EDC and CTMS data.

Drive Workflow Efficiency—Now and into the Future

By working quickly to leverage technology, you’ll be able to preserve the integrity of your clinical trials.

Get Started Today

For more information on how Remote Monitoring can help ensure study continuity—during and after the COVID-19 outbreak—contact us.

Remote Monitoring Benefits at a Glance

  • Maintain current pace of the study
  • Preserve the scientific integrity of the trial
  • Preserve the value of CRA interaction with sites and sponsors
  • Reduce regulatory and compliance risk

Our Remote Monitoring solution is designed for your convenience

One-Click Drilldown

Investigate data at every level: portfolio, site, and study.

Selective Filters

Use filters to isolate and analyze specific areas of concern.

Tasks & Workflows

Automate task generation and follow up.

Audit Trails

Ensure compliance and audit readiness with centralized documentation of issues, actions, and resolution.

Risk Analysis

View key performance trends in a near real-time environment.