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Smart Applications

Saama’s smart applications are designed to meet the complex data management and analytics challenges of large biopharma customers with extensive study portfolios, vast data silos, and diverse end-user needs. These solutions are surgically inserted into customers’ existing platforms and application infrastructure.

Smart Applications

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  • EDC
  • CTMS
  • eTMF
  • Financial
  • Resource Mgmt
  • Site Performance
  • Trial Performance
  • Operations
  • Investigation
  • Biomarker

Governance • Curation • Harmonization Orchestration • Unified Data Model • Metrics Ad-Hoc Reporting • Conversational UX

“Faster and more consistent review of data*

Lynne Cesario, Senior Director, Data Monitoring & Management, Pfizer Inc.


Query Management and Medical Coding

Accelerate data cleaning, medical coding, and time to query with a transformative AI engine that gets smarter over time. Saama’s Smart Data Quality (SDQ) generates and resolves queries on the fly and presents results via easy-to-use dashboards. With humans in the loop, unresolved queries can be addressed quickly, and human feedback trains the model for greater accuracy. The medical coding module uses natural language processing (NLP) to auto-code adverse events and medications with accuracy rates of up to 85% and can auto-query any unclassified items.

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Data Mapping

Auto-inspect and auto-map complex sets of data elements to CDISC or internal business standards with Smart Auto Mapper (SAM). This smart application accelerates clinical data analysis and challenges manual and time-consuming methods of building SDTM and other datasets.

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Programming and Analytics

A single biostatistics and programming solution, Saama’s Smart Programming and Analysis Computing Environment (SPACE) is compatible with all popular IDEs and draws from current and historical clinical data. SPACE makes it easier to program collaboratively, analyze data, and publish study results.

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Saama can put you on the fast track to clinical trial process innovation.