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Smart Auto Mapper (SAM)

Use AI to Overcome Your Data Onboarding Challenges

With Smart Auto Mapper from Saama, data managers now have an easy way to clean and map non-standard (and often messy and incomplete) data to conform to regulatory and business specifications.

About 70% of your work can be automated with codeless, out-of-the-box functions that transform disparate data into a submission and analytics-ready dataset. Accuracy is ensured with human-in-the-loop controls that enable data traceability and ongoing training of AI algorithms.

How SAM Changes the Game

SAM’s flexible and scalable architecture doesn’t require any specific source systems or data, so new transformations at the study and therapeutic level are efficient and repeatable.

Biostatisticians and clinical teams also reap the rewards of fast access to the specific datasets they need with fine-grained permissions for each user.

Check data quality and give users access to fine-grained data. Blinding is customizable at the row/column and conditional levels, and bias can be prevented by blocking statisticians from seeing certain datasets before comparing them with experiment results.

SAM Benefits at a Glance

Smart Auto Mapper Benefits at a Glance

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