Smart Data Query:
Transform Your Clinical Data Management Practices with AI

Accelerate data cleaning and time to query with a transformative AI engine from Saama

Current, rules-driven approaches to clinical data management result in time-consuming reviews of too many data points, unmanageable query backlogs, and costly performance bottlenecks.

Saama can solve that with Smart Data Query (SDQ), an AI-powered engine that automates and accelerates your data management processes. With SDQ in place, you can instantly answer questions like these:

  • Is a concomitant medication consistent with an AE term?
  • Are duplicate medications given for the same condition?
  • Are related AEs, such as RECURRENT FEVER and UNKNOWN FEVER, of the same toxicity?
  • Are AE terms like DENTAL EXTRACTION linked to non-drug treatments?

Manage Data More Effectively with SDQ

Manage Data More Effectively with SDQ

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