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Article Blog Featured - Blog IoT Partners February 5, 2016 2 minute read

Successful IoT Deployments: Analytics Elements and Outcomes

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At the Internet of Things (IoT) World Forum in Dubai, Cisco’s Mike Flannagan led a panel discussion on IoT Analytics. Mike emphasized the importance of collaboration between customers and vendors for successful IoT deployments. If you put that in the perspective of Data Analytics, no single company or device generates/owns all the data that is required to create business outcomes.

This is the essence of hyper distributed data environments, in which there are no boundaries where data originates and is leveraged, in contrast with traditional data warehouses where data is highly centralized. As Mike highlights, in these hyper distributed data environments, challenges arise with collecting, storing and analyzing data that can’t be solved with traditional methods. In these environments, it is important to adopt a rapid iterative approach to test the hypothesis during development, and it is equally important to take a prescriptive guided approach during production until desired outcomes are reached. It is also critical to establish the trust with the data producers and security applied at all levels including at collection, storage and analysis.

While IoT can be looked at as the ability to gather new types of data that were not accessible before, these new data types also enhance the effectiveness of current solutions addressing top-line, bottom-line or customer satisfaction/engagement areas. The end result is creating measurable business outcomes. IoT is also creating new economies that did not exist in the past, or shifting economies in a disruptive way.

Mike’s blog post of the panel discussion can be found at:

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