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Blockchain in Drug Discovery and Development

The uses and application of blockchain technology are vast and far-reaching. In this article, Tushar Sinkar explores some blockchain uses that can be applied for drug discovery and development, such as eliminating data tampering and ensuring IP protection, among other uses.

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Retail Transformation with Big Data and Analytics: Top 3 Tactics for a Successful Makeover

retail transformation

With changing shopping and behavioral patterns, the retail industry has to continuously adapt to stay relevant. Ashish Shevale discusses the battle of market shares between online e-commerce driven stores and the brick and mortar stores. Retail industry always has to be quick to embrace new technology, as consumers decide the trends. With changing shopping and…

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Innovate by reducing TCO delivering analytics to business


Total Cost of Ownership or simply TCO is a topic that is amply discussed in the IT – Business coalition. Yet, most businesses struggle to provide evidence of value at reduced cost. Citing an example of a BI and Data Warehouse solution implementation initiative, Vasant Shetty gives an insider view on how discussions evolve and…

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The Tale of Big Data Analytics Helping Genomics Move from Research to Personalized Medicine

world of personalized medicine

The role of genomics in disease research involves determining how a patient would react to a particular drug. The process is referred to as “Pharmacogenomics” or “Personalized medicine”. Big data capabilities and advancements in computational techniques have been leading a revolution in the genomics space that has helped reduce the cost of genome sequencing from…

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