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Leveraging data science to accelerate clinical trial results

analytics in life sciences

How data analytics helps clinical trials? How can data science help accelerate clinical trials, you’d ask. Data science techniques offer prescriptive clues to solve patient recruitment and retention issues, generates insights by harvesting the data and helps improve success for clinical trials. Express Pharma which is India’s foremost Pharma & Biotech magazine recently published an…

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Considerations to Make Before Investing in Big Data in 2013

Industry Week recently published <>  a viewpoint I wrote entitled ‘Five things to consider before you make big data investments in 2013’. Due to the massive volumes of valuable unstructured data permeating the average organization on a daily basis, innovative IT executives are moving fast to leverage this untapped data for more meaningful business insights and enhanced…

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Big Data in Insurance – Is the Industry ready to take advantage?

The need for information has created this disruptive nomenclature that has taken the world of data by storm.  This revolutionary term has the same bearing as “service oriented architecture”, a few years back.  Analytics has been the mainstay of business processing for decades however, the term “Big Data” has added several new dimensions to the…

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B2B Marketers, Evolve with Big Data


Most of the B2B Marketers feel their current online marketing mix is falling short to meet the sales demand, and that they’re under immense pressure to be able to measure the online campaign effectiveness and also being productive. We often hear that the concept of the marketing mix isn’t so useful any longer in this…

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Bloomberg on Business Analytics

Interested in slicing, dicing, measuring, and analyzing data for customer and business insights? According to a recent survey by Bloomberg, 97% of companies with revenues of more than $100 million are using some form of business analytics, up from 90% just two years ago. While businesses have embraced the idea of fact-based decision-making, a steep learning curve…

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Increase Contact Center Effectiveness with Big Data Analytics

Effectiveness of customer contact center agents is commonly based on metrics such as AHT(Average Handle Time), CSAT (Customer Satisfaction), CPC (Cost per Contact) etc. Established vendors in the contact center space have traditionally focused on these metrics from a long time. Several such vendors solve performance questions through sampling large and segregated data sets ignoring…

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Safe Neighborhoods with Big Data

When I was coming back from an international travel recently and was browsing through the inflight entertainment shows available, “Person of Interest” series on CBS caught my eye. A computer genius develops a machine for the government which is used to detect information leading to acts of terrorism before they can be executed. “The machine” separates…

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