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Executing a Business Intelligence Center of Excellence

Data Rich, Information Poor Data overload is becoming a huge challenge for businesses and a headache for decision makers. Public and private sector corporations are drowning in data — from sales, transactions, pricing, supply chains, discounts, product, customer process, projects, RFID smart tags, tracking of shipments, as well as e-mail, web traffic and social media.…

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Big Data and Data Science – is this hype?

Big Data

Big Data is one of those heavily abused technology terms today.  It’s become a catch-all phrase used to fit any data related problem into.  When the pundits defined the traits of Big Data and articulated the 3Vs, Volume, Velocity and Variety, little did we realize that the lack of clarity on whether it had to…

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Big Data – Is it Old Wine in a New Bottle?

(Editors note: Author Haranath Gnana is a Practice Area Leader at Saama Technologies) B-eye Network published this article regarding the repackaging and revisions of Big Data from a platform agnostic perspective. Key points in this revival are the advancements in technology that have significantly lowered the cost for IT departments and the ever increasing challenge…

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Can a Social GRC Strategy Accelerate Business Performance


ISACA (an international professional association focused on IT Governance recently published an article written by Saama’s CSO, Sagar Anisingaraju that discuss the next generation Social GRC, the advent of big data and the ubiquitous nature of data pervading all walks of life, including “wearables, driveables, flyables and scannables” (Mary Meeker, KPCB), as redefining the GRC…

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Considerations to Make Before Investing in Big Data in 2013

Industry Week recently published <>  a viewpoint I wrote entitled ‘Five things to consider before you make big data investments in 2013’. Due to the massive volumes of valuable unstructured data permeating the average organization on a daily basis, innovative IT executives are moving fast to leverage this untapped data for more meaningful business insights and enhanced…

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B2B Marketers, Evolve with Big Data


Most of the B2B Marketers feel their current online marketing mix is falling short to meet the sales demand, and that they’re under immense pressure to be able to measure the online campaign effectiveness and also being productive. We often hear that the concept of the marketing mix isn’t so useful any longer in this…

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Clinical Trials Optimization – Business Analytics to the rescue

Here’s how business analytics can optimize clinical trials A panel of Pharma industry leaders like GlaxoSmithKline, Bristol-Myers-Squibb, AstraZeneca, Sanofi, Eli Lilly, Pfizer and Shire talked about the importance of Clinical Trials Optimization for 2 days at the recently concluded conference in Philadelphia clearly showing the importance of this topic in the present times of economic…

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Moneyball, A must watch movie for the Business Analytics savvy

Every Business Analytics consultant should watch the movie Moneyball (2011). This movie is indeed one of the best movies I’ve watched for a long time that showcases the application of analytics and statistics. Here’s something about the plot summary that IMDB has to say about Moneyball. “Oakland A’s GM Billy Beane is handicapped with the…

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