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The CIO Diaries: An IT perspective on business transformation

Limitations of organic growth are forcing companies to look at innovative ways to improve market share and profitability. Business transformation strategies are evolving more rapidly than any time in the past. For any of these transformation plans, be it: M&A, new product introduction, geographical expansion and others to succeed, the CIO office needs to play a key…

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Wanted: Chief Information Officer – Business Intelligence

In a tough economy, a new tech-fueled BI and analytics arms race is on to create the next competitive advantage. Everyone is beginning to look beyond the status quo in BI, analytics, Big Data, Cloud Computing etc to fundamentally change how they discover fresh insights, how they can make smarter decisions, profit from customer intelligence and social…

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Do you use smart KPIs to run your business?

In the Aesopian fable of the one-eyed stag, the deer overcomes his visual handicap by grazing on a cliff near the sea with his good eye facing the land. This works well for a very long time – until he is killed by a hunter in a boat. Monitoring some metrics and ignoring others are choice we…

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