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Sentiment Analytics – The Gold Mine, which you didn't Mine!

It’s really a no brainer that Customer Satisfaction matters. Every IT or Business unit  I’ve known, considers Customer Satisfatction, a very high priority and does strive really hard to ensure they engage very closely with their customers. To ensure every customer query or concern is serviced well within time. If one does go by the…

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Collaborative BI – share your insights

‘Social networking’ and ‘Collaboration’ have become a part of our lives in this connected world. Let us see how the two can work together in helping us make better decisions. ‘Social networking’ has been a growing phenomenon in the past 2-3 years. The society that we live in has almost suddenly become very ‘social’ and…

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Why can’t I find good BI Business Analysts?

In my 14 years of career in Business Intelligence (BI) and after executing several end-to-end BI projects, I have barely come across a handful of ‘good’ BI Business Analysts (BI BA).   Aren’t there enough in the industry?  I am not sure. What makes them so scarce? ‘BI Business Analyst’ to me looks like a commonly…

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Data Scientist, Analytics Guru, or Math Geek?

Analytics Challenge — California physicians group Heritage Provider Network Inc. is offering $3 million to any person or firm who develops the best model to predict how many days a patient is likely to spend in the hospital in a year’s time. Contestants will receive “anonymized” insurance-claims data to create their models. The goal is…

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