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Value of Biological Data Integration

Disease data mining

Mining Disease-Disease Associations using Disease-Gene Analytics The key to developing a treatment to any disease lies in understanding the gene mechanism. There has been tremendous progress in elucidating molecular mechanisms of diseases. Rajeev Gangal discusses the significance of mining disease-disease associations using disease-gene analytics. It can be used to find ways of repurposing drugs, among…

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Big Data Challenges: Solving for Data Quality

Data harmonization is essential for generating actionable and accurate business insights. With accurate data, an organization can see significant impact on the bottom line. Sushil Jadhav describes his experience while troubleshooting a data accuracy issue for a client. Big Data and analytics solution providers attempt to solve a problem that arises from having too much…

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3 Best Practices for Great Data & Analytics Engagements

data & analytics

Amid fierce market competition, rapidly evolving technologies, and high expectations from clients for seamless project delivery (on time, on budget, as few surprises as possible, etc.), Business and technical consultants need to be continuously on top of their game across a wide spectrum of technical and non-technical (“soft skill”) areas, throughout the entire engagement lifecycle.…

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Unlock true potential of your trade promotions

cpg trade promotions

How do you compete in a fiercely competitive market like CPG? Getting the product to market is only half the battle won. Getting the buyer to pick your product is the other half. Trade Promotions help you achieve that but how do you make them effective? Data analytics to the rescue! In this blog Saama’s…

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Analytics 2017 – Industry trends

Cognitive Systems

The era of Cognitive Systems The year 2017 will bring in a transformational change in the way businesses look at Analytics. In this blog, Sagar Anisingaraju, Saama’s Chief Strategy Officer, says the year 2017 will mark the dawn of the era of Cognitive Systems wherein he highlights the key industry trends. This tactical shift, he…

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Disrupting Insurance with Advanced Analytics


Insurance providers are under intense pressure to innovate to create more personalized experiences and customized offerings that meet their customers’ demands. Smart companies have turned to data analytics to meet these needs, yet too frequently find themselves buried in massive data sets that make their jobs more difficult than ever. To stay ahead of the…

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How to Design a Big Data Architecture in 6 Easy Steps – Part Deux


This follows the part 1 of the series posted on May 31, 2016 In part 1 of the series, we looked at various activities involved in planning Big Data architecture. This article covers each of the logical layers in architecting the Big Data Solution. The picture below depicts the logical layers involved. Get to the Source! Source profiling is…

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How to Design a Big Data Architecture in 6 Easy Steps


Designing a Big Data architecture is a complex task, considering the volume, variety and velocity of data today. Add to that the speed of technology innovations and competitive products in the market, and this is no trivial challenge for a Big Data Architect. Join us while I describe in a 2 part series the components…

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