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Saama’s Fluid Analytics for Life Sciences featured in Network World

Life science analytics

Best analytics solution for Life Sciences industry In a weekly published roundup of intriguing new products, Saama’s Fluid Analytics for Life Sciences was featured in Network World. With over 1.6 Million unique monthly visitors, Network World serves a wide audience, 83 percent of which are IT/network management professionals. Fluid Analytics for Life Sciences turns huge…

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New Era of Fast and Specific Analytics – Independent TEI Study Shows Saama Fluid Analytics Delivers Big Customer ROI and Payback in Under 6 Months

Forrester TEI Study

Hybrid Approach of Industry-Specific Services and Fluid Analytics Technology Delivers Business Outcomes 40% Faster and Generates 400% ROI CAMPBELL, Calif. – April 21, 2016 – Saama Technologies, Inc., a leading Big Data solutions company, today published findings from a March 2016 commissioned  Total Economic Impact™ study of Saama Fluid Analytics, conducted by Forrester Consulting on…

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It Doesn’t Take Much to Run Fraud Analytics – Try it Yourself

fraud analytics quickstart cloud saama

Saama listed as Representative Vendor of Insurance Fraud Analytics Solutions in the recently released Gartner Market Guide for Insurance Fraud Analytics.      Quickstart on Microsoft Azure Cloud shows a typical new big data use case – industry-specific with new data types and combinations. Among the leaks in insurance policies are fraudulent claims, a major concern…

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Saama Set To Transform The Speed, Scale and Impact of Industry Specific Analytics – Saama Fluid Analytics on Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform Redefines Vertical Analytic Solutions

Microsoft Chief Strategist, Cloud+Enterprise, to Discuss Saama collaboration at Intuition 2016 SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. – February 18, 2016 — Saama Technologies, Inc., a leading Big Data solutions and services company, today announced a strategic alignment with Microsoft that can deliver analytics advantage at unprecedented speed and scale.  By making Saama’s advanced industry Fluid AnalyticsTM components…

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New Fluid Analytics Engine from Saama Cost-Effectively and Rapidly Resolves Complex Data Analytics Challenges for Life Sciences

The desire for a data-driven environment has led enterprises to leverage data assets real-time. However, here’s a problem that many businesses in the pharmaceutical industry face: “How to take advantage of multiple data sets that are available today?” Most companies spend time analyzing internal data assets and are missing external, syndicated data and social media…

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From BI to Big Data to Fluid Analytics: Saama’s Strength is in the Soft

Saama Fluid Analytics Engine

The growth in data is well documented and resonates with everyone; simply said: data availability today is unprecedented. But this digital age is a challenge for most companies. The speed of business today makes staying ahead of the profitability and innovation curve difficult. Markets, platforms, and regulations all rapidly and constantly change, plus new competition…

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Saama CEO, Suresh Katta, lands the front cover of CIO Review and talks about how Saama’s Fluid Analytics Engine™ helps companies embrace the data deluge to gain actionable insights

CIO Rewiew

Solving The Data Deluge Through High-End Analytics and Easy Data Monetization In the aspiration for a data-driven environment, enterprises grapple to leverage data assets and increase the ability to better connect cause and effect. Organizations find themselves deluged with data – which is inflating beyond terabytes into petabytes and sometimes exabytes. These vigorous explosions of…

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Saama Announces Fluid Analytics Engine, The First Highly Flexible Analytics Engine To Offer Immediate Business Outcomes

saama Fluid Analytics Engine

New Fluid Analytics Engine combines fastest solution delivery with highest flexibility across data assets CAMPBELL, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE) — Saama Technologies, Inc., the leading pure-play analytics solutions company, today announced Fluid Analytics Engine™, a highly flexible analytics technology that results in fast, measurable business outcomes exactly suited to meet customer needs. This allows companies to use…

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