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Insurance: Time to get smarter with Machine learning

Copious amount of data swarms the Insurance industry today. In this blog Amrita Dhar, Senior solutions marketing manager , Saama Technologies, talks about how this industry can utilize Machine Learning for processing, streamlining and systemizing this data for better insights. The old way of getting at insights is pretty much redundant now. Feeding in data, processing…

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Insurance takes a 360 turn for its customers

Digital innovations and technical advancements are increasing the focus on enriching customer experiences. Sanjeev Kumar , VP, Head of Insurance at Saama technologies, highlights how insurance companies can elevate their customer experiences and achieve competitive differentiation in an increasingly commoditized market like this. Imagine a scenario where a hurricane is approaching Louisiana or a tornado is about to…

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Saama VP – Insurance, Sanjeev Kumar’s article on ‘How to Get Broader View of Customers’ featured in Insurance Thought Leadership (ITL)

Read what Saama’s VP – Insurance, Sanjeev Kumar has to say about ‘How to Get Broader View of Customers’. The article was featured in Insurance Thought Leadership (ITL). In this article, Sanjeev discusses how a concept called Customer 360 is giving insurers much better insight into customers. He delves deeper into this concept and the…

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Disrupting Insurance with Advanced Analytics


Insurance providers are under intense pressure to innovate to create more personalized experiences and customized offerings that meet their customers’ demands. Smart companies have turned to data analytics to meet these needs, yet too frequently find themselves buried in massive data sets that make their jobs more difficult than ever. To stay ahead of the…

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The insider’s guide to data and analytics for Insurance organizations


Data and analytics create a compelling competitive edge for insurance carriers irrespective of their volume. Unfortunately, for plenty of insurers, records are a ‘depreciating asset’ resulting in zero value if not properly controlled. In line with the latest SMA’s Insurance Technology Priorities and Spending Report, more than 82% of enterprise and technology officials surveyed at…

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It Doesn’t Take Much to Run Fraud Analytics – Try it Yourself

fraud analytics quickstart cloud saama

Saama listed as Representative Vendor of Insurance Fraud Analytics Solutions in the recently released Gartner Market Guide for Insurance Fraud Analytics.      Quickstart on Microsoft Azure Cloud shows a typical new big data use case – industry-specific with new data types and combinations. Among the leaks in insurance policies are fraudulent claims, a major concern…

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Saama featured on Insurance Innovation Reporter, "5 Key Questions for Insurers About the Connected Home"

Amrita Dhar,Insurance Solutions Marketing Manager at Saama featured on Insurance Innovation Reporter. The connected home opens possibilities for customized products and pricing, as well as understanding customers more deeply because of increased contact with them directly. The Internet of Things (IoT) is driving a new wave of innovative connected devices, buildings, and other physical objects. …

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Improving Customer Acquisition for Usage Based Insurance Programs

Usage Based Insurance (UBI) has been around for more than ten years, with Progressive Insurance being among one of the early adopters in the late 1990’s. While UBI offers many potential benefits to consumers (decreased premiums, you pay for what you drive), the technology has not yet seen the massive adoption as originally anticipated.  …

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The Connected Home and its Impact on the Insurance Industry

Moving Beyond the Hype: the Reality of the Connected Home The Internet of Things (IoT) is changing the way, insurers and big data firms are thinking about how data is collected and interpreted. Like many other things within the IoT, the “connected home” brings big changes to insurers. A connected home is a networked home…

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Predictive Churn Analytics at the Data Alchemy Conference

Emerging Trends of Predictive Analytics for Marketing - Sales - Finance - IT

Saama was a Gold Sponsor at the Data Alchemy conference in San Mateo on May 21st. The conference, held at the Silicon Valley Innovation Center, examined the emerging trends of Predictive Analytics for Marketing, Sales, Finance and IT. This was a marquee event laser-focused on predictive analytics and we were proud to be a part…

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