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B2B Marketers, Evolve with Big Data


Most of the B2B Marketers feel their current online marketing mix is falling short to meet the sales demand, and that they’re under immense pressure to be able to measure the online campaign effectiveness and also being productive. We often hear that the concept of the marketing mix isn’t so useful any longer in this…

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Safe Neighborhoods with Big Data

When I was coming back from an international travel recently and was browsing through the inflight entertainment shows available, “Person of Interest” series on CBS caught my eye. A computer genius develops a machine for the government which is used to detect information leading to acts of terrorism before they can be executed. “The machine” separates…

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Clinical Trials Optimization – Business Analytics to the rescue

Here’s how business analytics can optimize clinical trials A panel of Pharma industry leaders like GlaxoSmithKline, Bristol-Myers-Squibb, AstraZeneca, Sanofi, Eli Lilly, Pfizer and Shire talked about the importance of Clinical Trials Optimization for 2 days at the recently concluded conference in Philadelphia clearly showing the importance of this topic in the present times of economic…

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Operationalize Your Big Data Analytics Program

Big Data Analytics is now moving beyond the realm of intellectual curiosity to having a tangible impact on business. At this stage of adoption of a new technology, it becomes important to discuss how a Big Data project can move from concept to execution inside an enterprise context. Questions being asked by early adopters of…

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Data, Data and more Data…

By 2015, nearly 3 billion people will be online, pushing the data created and shared to nearly 8 zettabytes.  Centurylink created this cool infographic to highlight the data deluge and big data issues.

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Can Pharma really learn from CPG?

Pharma’s traditional approach to getting in touch with Physicians and trying to promote their products has been seen as struggling to achieve its goals.  A recent industry report indicated that the number of Physicians who were not accessible has gone up from about 20% about 5 years ago to about 40% in 2010.  Many of…

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Hidden Trends in BI – Part 2

Predictive Analytics for the masses seems like the next wave beyond the “BI for masses”.  Predictive Analytics / Data Mining as a technology has been available to main stream commercial organizations for several years now, but it has still been the tool of a small team of Data Specialists, statisticians etc locked away in some…

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