Fluid Analytics® Hybrid Solution 

Accelerating Data-Driven Solutions



Based on extensive experience with many complex Global 2000 deployments, we have developed a unique Fluid Analytics hybrid solutions approach that can accelerate your company’s data and analytics capabilities dramatically, and get you to disruptive business impact fast.

The Fluid Analytics software-enabled solution follows a declarative approach in separating design and runtime aspects to give extensibility with loose coupling. This allows us to flexibly combine existing and new resources; with the Fluid Analytics Engine runtime orchestration environment, data models, solution accelerators, and data science expertise, company specific-results can be quickly realized. Data strategy and business consulting services are often part of the mix to provide the specificity and adaptability of analytics to perform as needed in client environments. Many use cases and self-service analytics can be added to this backbone liberally. These include real world evidence analytics, insurance fraud, CPG post-event analytics, customer buying pattern analytics, clinical operations analytics, and much more.

Speed & Repeatability

We deliver advanced data analytics solutions at breakneck speed. How do we do it? Nearly 70 percent of most deployments are accelerated with pre-built components orchestrated by the Saama Fluid Analytics Engine runtime environment. That means you can build your competitive edge with the 30 percent last mile design and expert services. And with our industry focus, we can address your key business challenges and make the repeatable portions of our acceleration extremely valuable and quick to implement.



Use pre-built components or create new ones via our standard approach.


Support for standard protocols such as Oauth, Kerberos, LDAP, and SAML included.


Tested and proven components, and repeatable development framework helps in uniform and structured coding.


5X Faster Time-to-Market

Standards-based approach includes pre-built components, connectors, data models, KPIs, dashboards, and industry-specific data models.

Scalable, High-Performance

Integration of new systems at any layer with configurable caching for faster data retrieval.


Reduced Cost

10X reduction in cost for configured analytics and custom big data applications.

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How We Orchestrate Innovation Across the Data Stack

Saama has a heritage of delivering the last mile — the final stage is the outcome across verticals — from real world evidence to patient experience, insurance analytics, and more. These are some of the use cases or modules we have built out over time, all driven by our many successful engagements with leading customers focused on a number of industries. We pull it all together for our clients from beginning to success of the project, covering project management, security, and the analytics elements framework.

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