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Article Blog Life Sciences May 19, 2017 2 minute read

Using disruptive technologies to your advantage in Real World Evidence Analytics

We are living in an era where technology and automation are disrupting every industry from retail to transportation. Successful companies have taken a multi-channel approach which is enabling them to manage business transformation smoothly and effectively while others are perishing.

The pharmaceutical industry is a very complex ecosystem. To stay relevant they are under constant pressure to lower drug prices, improve safety, enhance efficacy, accelerate pipeline development, and commercialize their products faster. While pharmaceutical companies are highly regulated and process oriented, it has become an industry trend and is imperative for them to connect their processes through Automation, Big Data, and Social Media.

Industry studies show that 80% of the trials fail to meet enrollment goals which delays study start and increases cost. Clinical Trial Feasibility, which currently promises to connect various processes, is done manually and is limited due to increasingly complex protocols.

By creating a Real World Evidence Strategy, Saama and Mapi leverage Big Data Technology and Automation to enable faster patient recruitment and reduce the time to get drugs from clinical trial to approval and commercialization. This strategy includes the ability to connect traditional and novel data sources such as social media, predictive scoring mechanisms and feedback loops to measure the impact of study designs.

Such Real World Evidence Analytics reduce what used to take several months of effort for Real-World Evidence generation, Health Research Analytics, Evidence Synthesis, and Post-marketing Drug Safety Monitoring, down to a few hours.

Check out our recent press release about how Saama and Mapi create actionable solutions.

Saama can put you on the fast track to clinical trial process innovation.