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Best Practices for CRO Oversight: How an Oversight Capability Maturity Model and Automation Drive Speed and Quality of Clinical Trials

Interim findings from the 2017 Avoca Industry Research on Risk in Clinical Trials indicate that only 33% of Sponsors are satisfied with their Providers’ (CROs/FSPs) level of expertise and experience in applying risk-based approaches to quality management overall.

With impending changes necessary to address ICH E6 (R2), oversight is top of mind and requires sponsors to proactively answer questions such as:

“Is my vendor doing what I hired them to do?”

“Is the CRO adhering to my quality plan?”

“Is the CRO’s performance meeting our expectations?”

“What issues should we be escalating?”

For this webinar, Comprehend partnered with Avoca to share industry best practice for oversight blended with their best in class clinical intelligence applications.

Saama can put you on the fast track to clinical trial process innovation.