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Four Critical Focus Areas for 2018 Clinical Operations

Four Critical Focus Areas for 2018 Clinical Operations

and Case Study: How eCOA Insights Helped Avoid Study Delay

According to the Tufts Center for the Study of Drug Development*, “the growing volume of data collected in clinical trials is contributing to longer development times and posing technical and integration challenges to clinical data management staff.”

In this webinar, Comprehend presents four critical areas of focus that should be top of mind for Clinical Operations in 2018, including the challenges put forth by complex data scenarios.

  • Benefits of patient data insights from eCOA 
  • Speeding drug approvals – the Gottlieb initiative
  • Making the connection from Wearables to Insights
  • Delivering harmonized clinical data from complex systems and environments

Also presented is a short demonstration of how insights into eCOA data identified outliers and risks that helped a sponsor avoid the costs of redoing a trial.

Saama can put you on the fast track to clinical trial process innovation.