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Three Key Ways ICH E6(R2) Impacts Study Oversight

How can stronger relationships be built between Sponsors and CROs?

How can the sharing of trial data improve trial outcomes?

What are the best ways to measure performance and conduct between Sponsor and CRO?

These are top challenges for Sponsors and CROs today.  In light of the ICH E6 (R2) guidelines, Sponsors and CROs are reviewing and assessing how well they work together.

This webinar presents a detailed look at the interactions and performance of Sponsor-CRO driven studies. Karen McCarthy Schau of Paragon, a leading consulting firm that helps health and life sciences companies become high-performing, compliant and digitally connected, joined Comprehend for this lively discussion.  The webinar focuses on three key strategies to address study oversight and support compliance with ICH E6 (R2):

  • Steps for assessing how aligned your organization is with R2 expectations for study oversight
  • Benefits of meeting R2 requirements with a risk-based oversight approach
  • How automation helps reduce the time and effort to improve performance, reduce risk and see across data
You’ll also see a short demonstration of how one Sponsor applied automation to manage these issues.

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