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Top BioPharma’s use these Operations Insights During Study Startup and Trial Conduct

Learn about the most popular operational analytics that top Biopharmas use in Saama's Life Science Analytics Cloud

Ops Insights at Its Most Useful

Ops Insights has something for everyone in clinical development - site startup analytics, cost analysis metrics, even dashboards that measure how study KPIs have changed over decades.

In this newsletter, we'll present and explain the most used dashboards in Operations Insights this year:

1. Enrollment Funnel
2. Study Summary Dashboard
3. Site Activation Dashboard (Study)
4. Site Summary Dashboard
5. Data Metrics Dashboard

Ops Insights Graphic

1. The Enrollment Funnel 

As part of the Enrollment Dashboard, the Enrollment Funnel is a study level analytic that allows users to get a sense of overall trial enrollment.

The most useful component of the funnel are the drill-downs that can be configured on any positive or negative enrollment trend or subject disposition.

For example, users can determine the number subjects who failed a screen and drill into the reasons behind screen failures without having to leave the enrollment funnel itself.

Screen Failures Drilldown

Common questions that can be answered with the enrollment funnel include:

  • How many subjects have consented to a study?

  • How many subjects have withdrawn?

  • How many subjects have been successfully completed?

2. The Study Summary Dashboard

Study startup and conduct milestones can be measured and delays investigated from a single place - the Study Summary Dashboard.

This dashboard provides insights on current milestone status and how delays might affect upcoming cycle times.

For studies that are actively enrolling, site activation and enrollment plans can be  compared to actual metrics on a daily basis.

At the bottom of the dashboard, a configurable list of related analytics allows power users to direct others to other dashboards that matter most.

These can be configured for different studies. For example, users that are managing an aggressive study startup milestones can be directed to separate, site-specific dashboards for enrollment, patient screenings, etc.

Tip: Configuring 'Related Analytics' at the bottom of an Operations Insights dashboard is a useful workflow tool

Active users of the Study Summary Dashboard will be able to:

  • Review the progress and timeliness of current and past milestones

  • Identify areas of opportunity for further optimization or risk

  • Self-direct to additional dashboards for more information on at-risk areas

  • Monitor site activation and enrollment against plans

3. Site Activation Dashboard

For meaningful study-startup metrics at the site level, hundreds of LSAC users turn to the site monitoring dashboard. 

Enrollment Performance High and Low Sites

Users can compare site activation plans to acheived activations easily (upper right), and determine high and low performers with a single drilldown (upper left, hover). In addition, individual site performance KPIs can be drilled-into by simply clicking on the site ID. 

For richer monthly and cumulative site activation details (below), users can investigate sites by their current status with the 'Study Site Progress Status' analytic.

Site Progress Status

Although site milestones can be reviewed in other Operations Insights Dashboards, the 'Milestone Cycle Time' analytic (below) in the Site Activation Dashboard is useful in visually identifying activation laggards so corrective actions can be taken.

Site Milestones

4. Site Summary Dashboard

The Site Summary dashboard provides insight into key performance metrics of sites of interest in all active studies.

Site Summary in Excel-like Format

Site performance can be assessed across all sites of interest and can be compared with KPI values drawn out for every other active site.

KPIs for enrollment, data completeness, subject screening, are easily implementable with connections to EDC or CTMS, and custom KPI can be presented in this listing-like interface (above) quickly.

5. Data Metrics Dashboard

The data metrics dashboard offers visualizations on data completeness in several different views. Data point completion can be assessed by country or visit (below) or by site.

Data Metrics - Country and Visit DBs

Similar visualizations for %primary endpoint completion and %SDV data completeness are also available in the same dashboard.  

Primary Endpoint and SDV Completion

There you have them - five of the most used (and most useful) operational analytics.

We want to make Operations Insights your single portal for day-to-day clinical operations, and these dashboards have proven themselves during study startup and trial conduct.

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