AWS Partner
AWS Partner

Why Saama + AWS?

Saama and Amazon Web Services (AWS), together, can help life science companies solve critical challenges, such as high volume of data and bringing therapies to market faster, with the most advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and analytics solutions within clinical development– all embedded within a scalable, SaaS-based platform backed by AWS.

Saama brings strong clinical development domain expertise, with 20+ years of experience and experts with decades of experience in key clinical functional areas such as data management, clinical operations, information technology, and more.

Saama’s platform eliminates manual, resource-intensive activities, allowing life science organizations to optimize productivity as well as gain deeper insights into patients’ behaviors and their real-time response to treatments.

And it’s not just talk. When using Saama’s platform, life science organizations have been able to:

  • Reduce query identification and generation times by as much as 90% per query
  • Realize up to 50% time savings for study data transformations,
  • Reduce time from data entry to analysis by more than 35%, and more.

Saama’s AI/ML Models Are Ready Today

It takes time to accurately train new AI/ML models. Saama has put in the work so you don’t have to.

“(SDQ) saved us an entire month. It really has had a significant impact on the first-pass quality of our clinical data and the speed through which we can move things along and make decisions.”

Head of Data Monitoring, Top 3 Global Pharmaceutical Company

"Our industry has coalesced around AWS as the strategic choice for cloud related services. Saama has built our differentiated AI-driven platform as a cloud-native offering that relies significantly on the scalability and reliability that AWS provides. The partnership between AWS and Saama brings significant value and optionality to our customers in the way we can support them and ensure that they have access to the right forward looking solutions for their strategic imperatives."
Lisa Moneymaker
Lisa Moneymaker
Chief Technology and Product Officer, Saama
"The partnership between AWS and Saama exemplifies a "better together" strategy by pairing the top data platform with the leading AI analytics platform in Life Sciences to provide a seamless experience for our pharma, biotech, and CRO clients while better managing their clinical trial data. We at Saama are thrilled to be partnered with AWS."
Matt Johnson
Matt Johnson
VP Partnerships, Saama


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