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Data projects are falling short.

We know that 46% of companies struggle to derive value from Big Data projects, 54% of projects are not getting to the right information, 55% of projects don’t even get complete, and those that do aren’t making a difference.

Saama has partnered with Amazon to provide analytics in the cloud.


Play by a different set of rules

• Realize new multi-million dollar outcomes

• Achieve game-changing results quickly
and specific to your business

AWS: Clinical Trials with Saama's Life Science Analytics Cloud

In this video, Saama VP of Engineering & Architecture, Krunal Patel, reveals how the Life Science Analytics Cloud platform is used to accelerate and optimize clinical trials.

Webinar: Metadata-Driven Approach for Clinical Data Lakes

Listen to Saama VP of Engineering, Krunal Patel, and AWS Partner Network Healthcare & Life Sciences Technical Lead, Dr. Aaron Friedman, as they explore metadata-driven solutions.

Saama Collaborates with Pharmacyclics to Get Them a Complete View of Their Clinical Operations

Find out how Saama's CDO processes and generates meaningful analytics for Pharmacyclics' global clinical data hosted on AWS

SCOPE Presentation - Clinical Data Analytics: A Solutions Approach in the Cloud

Celgene worked with Saama to leverage new technologies for cloud data, improving data quality, evidence generation, and time-to-insights.