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Risk Based Monitoring: What is it and How Can You Benefit

By Jaya Kumawat | June 21, 2017

Clinical trials are essential to ensure that a drug a treatment is safe for the mass market. However, the cost of conducting a clinical trial for a drug is rising like mercury on a hot summer afternoon. Jaya Kumawat discusses the benefits of Risk Based Monitoring to combat this challenge. Clinical trials are scientific research…

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Retail Transformation with Big Data and Analytics: Top 3 Tactics for a Successful Makeover

By Ashish Shevale | May 31, 2017
retail transformation

With changing shopping and behavioral patterns, the retail industry has to continuously adapt to stay relevant. Ashish Shevale discusses the battle of market shares between online e-commerce driven stores and the brick and mortar stores. Retail industry always has to be quick to embrace new technology, as consumers decide the trends. With changing shopping and…

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Using disruptive technologies to your advantage in Real World Evidence Analytics

By Murali Krishnam | May 19, 2017

We are living in an era where technology and automation are disrupting every industry from retail to transportation. Successful companies have taken a multi-channel approach which is enabling them to manage business transformation smoothly and effectively while others are perishing. The pharmaceutical industry is a very complex ecosystem. To stay relevant they are under constant…

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Artificial Intelligence – The next Holy Grail for Social Media Marketers?

By Aijaz Ansari | May 3, 2017
artificial intelligence

We live in a world that is constantly evolving with technology. What’s heralding this technological transformation is self-learning machines that can take independent decisions, can ingest zettabytes of data and derive meaningful insights. Join Aijaz Ansari as he explores how this intelligence is powering social media marketers towards a new revolution that is set to…

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Innovate by reducing TCO delivering analytics to business

By Vasant Shetty | April 26, 2017

Total Cost of Ownership or simply TCO is a topic that is amply discussed in the IT – Business coalition. Yet, most businesses struggle to provide evidence of value at reduced cost. Citing an example of a BI and Data Warehouse solution implementation initiative, Vasant Shetty gives an insider view on how discussions evolve and…

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Now predict your trial success rate with Clinical Development Feasibility

By Swati Singh | April 12, 2017
CDF blog swati

Clinical trials have so much on stake for a company, right from its time, resources to investments. Just to make things a lot worse, clinical trials are packed with uncertainties on several aspect. Wouldn’t it be awesome if there was a method to somehow predict the feasibility of a trial? In this blog, Swati Singh…

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Top 10 steps for creating visually appealing dashboards

By Karan Lahori | April 5, 2017
visualization dashboard

Seeing is knowing. More the visual appeal, more effective is the communique. The presentation of information becomes all the more important when you deal with business data as it needs to weave a visual story to keep the user glued. Data can be presented in several ways to make it look enticing and this blog…

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How to Turbo-charge your Machine Learning Model

By Narendra Shukla | March 29, 2017
machine learning

Processing and analysing data calls for great computing power and advanced technology stacks. The evolution we witnessing today has been gradual. In this blog, Narendra Shukla reminisces this journey with us. Ingesting massive amount of data requires exceptionally fast computing power. The appetite for radically advancing the computing speed increased with the need for processing…

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Smarter Contact Centers with Machine Learning

By Saama Executives | March 22, 2017
Machine Learning

When it comes to contact center analytics, the most fruitful information lies in knowing what the customer talks about and what caused them to call – something that is often only captured in approximate terms by an interactive voice response system and the contact centre agents. In this blog, we talk about how advanced math-heavy approaches…

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The changing paradigms with AI

By Sachin Janai | March 15, 2017
Artificial Intelligence

Technologies like Cognitive Computing, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, amidst others are mainstream these days. The attention they get and the difference they make to the world around us, covers the whole gamut: from conceptualization to real-world applications, from hands-on technical expertise to business value, and from absolute pragmatism to astounding awe and bewilderment. While…

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Saama Hackathon 2017

By Aijaz Ansari | March 8, 2017

16 innovative teams, equally crazy ideas, 24 hours of battle, indiscriminate doses of caffeine, Live Band, cool tech talks came together to result into one hell of a Hackathon! Join Aijaz Ansari as he revisits Saama’s first ever Hackathon that produced some novel ideas and discoveries. Relive the hacker within you! This year, on March…

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Integrating Social Media Data Into Real World Evidence: Value or Distraction?

By Dr. Dee Amanze | March 1, 2017
Real World Evidence

Exploring social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, amongst others to collect Real-World Evidence (RWE) is set to take the healthcare industry by storm. Being perceived as a rapid, inexpensive way of assembling vast amounts of data reporting patients’ real experiences of treatment, including drug efficacy, safety and societal impact, is attracting pharma giants…

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Clinical Data Analysis – Taking a centre-stage in Clinical Trials

By Amit Patil | February 22, 2017

Healthcare, as in any other sector, has been pressing forth towards adopting and using technology as a tool for simplifying management of patient data, healthcare and healthcare related processes. Millions of dollars in clinical trials are spent to come up with newer drugs. Clinical trials are long, expensive and their timely success is imperative for…

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Line of Therapy Analytics: A key to commercial drug success

By Rajeev Gangal | February 15, 2017
Lines of Therapy

Patient-care related overtones and the interplay between payers, providers, patients, governments and producers have made Life Sciences and Healthcare a complex system. But what simplifies it is the Real World Data as this can help pharma and biotech companies mine trends in real world product usage and align their marketing, market access, medical affairs and…

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Cognitive Systems: Taking Cognizance of Machine Intelligence

By Rajeev Dadia | February 8, 2017
Cognitive Systems

It’s been more than 60 years since the term ‘Artificial Intelligence’ or AI was coined. Since then it has provided great fodder to Hollywood movies like Ex Machina, The Terminator, I Robot, and many more, some portraying these self-learning machines as a scourge and others a savior. What powers AI is Cognitive Computing. In this…

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