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Melanoma Cancer Predictions: A Deep Learning Solution

By Narendra Shukla | October 11, 2017

Deep Learning Networks have many uses and their applications are growing every day. Narendra Shukla illustrates the way data science and technology can help save lives by detecting melanoma, a dangerous form a skin cancer, early.

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Planning a Cloud-based Hadoop Environment

By Shreya Pal | October 4, 2017

Planning an efficient Hadoop cluster is critical for any project. Shreya Pal discusses the various aspects of designing the same. She emphasizes the need for a Hadoop cluster to be designed with current and future data needs in mind.

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Setting new standards in optimizing clinical development processes: Saama launches the Life Science Analytics Cloud

By Leon Surgeon | September 27, 2017
Life Science Analytics Cloud

Last week, Saama launched Life Science Analytics Cloud, a complete set of offerings that can fast-track clinical development processes. Crystal Black talks about the launch process, response from customers so far, and the impact such an offering can have, especially in saving lives.

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New Frontiers in Data Analytics for Pharma and Healthcare

By Malaikannan Sankarasubbu | September 13, 2017
Data Analytics

Mining Unstructured Texts for Insights using Convolutional Neural Networks Pharmaceutical and Healthcare domains deal with a tremendous amount of unstructured texts, which can be mined effectively using CNN for NLP approach. Malaikannan Sankarasubbu talk about these advanced techniques that can have many applications, such as, building better cohort for clinical trials or establishing better inclusion/exclusion…

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Value of Biological Data Integration

By Rajeev Gangal | September 6, 2017
Disease data mining

Mining Disease-Disease Associations using Disease-Gene Analytics The key to developing a treatment to any disease lies in understanding the gene mechanism. There has been tremendous progress in elucidating molecular mechanisms of diseases. Rajeev Gangal discusses the significance of mining disease-disease associations using disease-gene analytics. It can be used to find ways of repurposing drugs, among…

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5 Abilities an Effective Clinical Data Analytics Solution Must Have to Grow Your Business

By Leon Surgeon | August 30, 2017
Clinical Data Analytics

Most of the clinical data analytics solutions available today tend to solve only a part of the data management challenge. Leon Surgeon talks about a solution that has the ability to harmonize data from disparate sources, leverage it for actionable insights, and accelerate the clinical trial process. Read the white paper to learn more about…

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Interpretable Models are the Key to Increased Adoptability of Machine Learning

By Malaikannan Sankarasubbu | August 23, 2017
machine learning

Machine learning has helped drive many technological advancements. There are two models of machine learning, which have their own pros and cons. Malaikannan Sankarasubbu discusses the way interpretable models can increase the machine learning among a wider base of communities. Machine Learning and Deep Learning are responsible for lot of technology advancements in the last…

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Saama’s commitment to excellence in Life Sciences deepens, as newest industry luminaries are welcomed to the BoA

By Crystal Black | August 9, 2017
life sciences

With new additions to our Board of Advisors, we are excited to look at the future, which promises to bring with it innovative and cutting-edge data analytics solutions. A lot has changed for Saama since the beginning of the year. With the announcement of our innovative Clinical Data Management as a Service, we made our…

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Data Analytics: A Trigger for Business Transformation

By Vasant Shetty | August 2, 2017
data analytics

Digital transformation has become inevitable for businesses and they need to evolve their IT information systems, else they would end-up risking their competitive positioning and advantage. Vasant Shetty draws from his experience to highlight the challenges faced by IT and their digital transformation initiatives. He also has a word for the wise regarding the future,…

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Data-Driven Strategies in Clinical Development: Challenges and Solution

By Leon Surgeon | July 26, 2017
Clinical research

The clinical research field has seen many developments and it has come a long way in using technology to ensure accuracy and speed of the analysis of research data. However, there are many challenges related to clinical trials and their data management that need to be addressed. Leon Surgeon talks about the challenges and solutions…

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Big Data Challenges: Solving for Data Quality

By Sushil Jadhav | July 12, 2017

Data harmonization is essential for generating actionable and accurate business insights. With accurate data, an organization can see significant impact on the bottom line. Sushil Jadhav describes his experience while troubleshooting a data accuracy issue for a client. Big Data and analytics solution providers attempt to solve a problem that arises from having too much…

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Optimizing Clinical Trials: The Need of the Hour

By Sagar Anisingaraju | June 23, 2017
clinical trials

Clinical trials are the way to get drugs and treatments approved and in the mass market. However, the entire process is very expensive and cumbersome. Sagar Anisingaraju discusses the challenges and the possible solutions. His article further explores ways to optimize clinical trials with machine learning and RPA. High cost and low success rates are…

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Risk Based Monitoring: What is it and How Can You Benefit

By Jaya Kumawat | June 21, 2017

Clinical trials are essential to ensure that a drug a treatment is safe for the mass market. However, the cost of conducting a clinical trial for a drug is rising like mercury on a hot summer afternoon. Jaya Kumawat discusses the benefits of Risk Based Monitoring to combat this challenge. Clinical trials are scientific research…

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Retail Transformation with Big Data and Analytics: Top 3 Tactics for a Successful Makeover

By Ashish Shevale | May 31, 2017
retail transformation

With changing shopping and behavioral patterns, the retail industry has to continuously adapt to stay relevant. Ashish Shevale discusses the battle of market shares between online e-commerce driven stores and the brick and mortar stores. Retail industry always has to be quick to embrace new technology, as consumers decide the trends. With changing shopping and…

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Using disruptive technologies to your advantage in Real World Evidence Analytics

By Murali Krishnam | May 19, 2017

We are living in an era where technology and automation are disrupting every industry from retail to transportation. Successful companies have taken a multi-channel approach which is enabling them to manage business transformation smoothly and effectively while others are perishing. The pharmaceutical industry is a very complex ecosystem. To stay relevant they are under constant…

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