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Saama’s Biometrics Research and Analysis Information Network (BRAIN) centralizes statistical programming and biostatistics workflows in a single location, accelerating submission timelines.

Success Enablers
Source to Submission (S2S)

Biometrics Research and Analysis Information Network (BRAIN)

Users can digitize study specifications; generate submission-ready tables, listings and figures (TLF); manage artifacts; raise issues; and more. With Saama’s proprietary knowledge-graph, all changes to the code or an artifact are automatically logged, allowing for full traceability.


Data Hub

Customers can manage data, programming, artifacts, and metadata in a single environment.

Data Managers

Full audit trail and lineage of analysis available, automatically.

Monitor site performance in real-time

Users can leverage existing artifacts and code that have already been tested and validated, eliminating the need to recreate similar artifacts and code from scratch.

Operational Insights

Issue tracking is integrated at the artifact level, sending automated notifications to the owner of the artifact when an issue is raised against the file, eliminating the need for separate third-party applications or spreadsheets for issue tracking.

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