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About Data Hub

Saama’s Data Hub is the most powerful data ingestion solution in the clinical research industry, centralizing and standardizing high volumes of data from any source. Eliminate manual data aggregation and reconciliation processes, allowing your team to generate insights from your data, not manage it.


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Empower your clinical teams with the ultimate flexibility to capture data from any source, with 40+ pre-built connectors and file-based ingestion.

Data Hub
data access

Centralize and standardize your clinical, operational, and financial data to quickly generate insights.

Data Hub
at scale

Configure each new study easily and scale from individual studies to an entire portfolio of large, global studies.

Data Hub
time to market

Monitor study progress in real-time to identify and mitigate potential roadblocks.

Data Hub

35% reduction in time to data discovery

with Data Hub


All the features you need to centralize, standardize, and utilize your study data quickly and easily.

Data Ingestion
Data ingestion

Data Hub supports the ingestion of both structured and unstructured data, including flat files, in real-time. The system accepts data from all standard sources and easily integrates clinical, operational, and financial data in one location.

Data Hub
Data standardization

Data is mapped into a standard data review model using 30+ out-of-the-box functions. You can even assign different data standards by study or groups of studies.

Data Blinding/Masking
Data blinding/masking

Users can upload blinded datasets, and even mask parts of a dataset and restrict access.

AI-driven data mapping
AI-driven data mapping

AI algorithms can help predict the correct mapping between the source data and the target standard.

Data Hub
Data export

Standardized data is available for export to any system.

Data Hub
Automated quality checks

Automatically checks that data is in the correct field or format and alerts users when data is missing or incomplete.

Data Hub

Complete audit trail of all data transformations. View the original data source and see where, when, and how it was transformed.

Data Hub
Secure, role-based access

Organizations can ensure data access to critical business functions while maintaining data security and privacy.

Data Hub
Central administration

Manage data standards centrally and apply them across your entire study portfolio. Roles and user access are controlled from a single log-in.

Data Hub
Metadata management

Allows source and target metadata to be ingested and managed within the application. Metadata can be imported from source files or extracted to source systems and files.

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