Life Science Analytics Cloud

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  • Patient Registries
  • EDC
  • CTMS
  • Claims
  • eTMF
  • Safety
  • Financial
  • Resource Mgmt.
  • Trial Registry
  • Site Registry
  • Site Performance
  • Trial Performance
  • Operations
  • Physician
  • Patient
  • Investigation
  • Lab
  • Documents
  • Biomarker
  • Budget
  • Supply Chain

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Governance, Curation, Harmonization, Orchestration, Unified Data Model, Metrics

Business Outcomes

  • Pre & Post Approval Global Portfolio Analysis

  • Operational and Financial Risk Management / Mitigation

  • Site Performance Management

  • Data Quality & Compliance

What It Does

  • Delivers clean, harmonized, and aggregated operational and clinical data
  • Gives you a persona-based, holistic view of the performance of your studies and sites
  • Provides clinical data management and analytics for biostatistics and operations

How It Does It

  • Normalize and harmonize disparate sources/systems of data without writing SAS code
  • Manages data with easy to use graphical user interface
  • AI/ML infused into data ingestion, analytics, and visualization layers of unified platform

What You Get

  • De-risk your clinical development program
  • Speed to insights
  • Save 50% data management time

Introduction to Saama Life Science Analytics Cloud

Pre- and Post-Approval Global Portfolio Analysis

  • Track and monitor one study or an entire portfolio of studies
  • Support development and commercial evidence generation
  • Regional, country, and study leaders can manage the studies within their control

Operational and Financial Risk Management/Mitigation

  • Predictive forecasting of KPIs
  • Flag operational or financial deviations from business objectives
  • Take immediate remedial action

Site and Study Performance Management

  • See if your sites are meeting their expected performance targets
  • Compare study performance across sites
  • Actively get your study back on track

Data Quality and Compliance

  • Ensures data represents the single source of truth
  • Track periodic data entry lags, adverse events, protocol deviations, types of issues, and issue resolution rates
  • Ensure data is available for inspection or analysis in real-time

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