Clinical Operations in the Age of a Pandemic

In this guest column for Clinical Leader, Saama client Len Rosenberg of The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) explains how remote monitoring and faster data acquisition can help get medical treatments developed more quickly.

Rosenberg asserts that the next-generation, clinical operations model established by the LLS’s Beat AML (BAML) Master Clinical Trial should be adopted by other biopharma sponsors, CROs, and non-profit organizations.

BAML manages complex oncology trials that run more than 11 protocols simultaneously at 15-plus major academic institutions, with very little dependence on on-site visits.

“BAML was focused on efficiency and speed of operations, not on the coronavirus outbreak or pandemics in general,” Rosenberg writes. “Yet, the model and technologies used by BAML are applicable for biopharma sponsors who want to adapt their clinical operations … while preparing for another outbreak or weathering the current crisis.”