Drug Development Advancements Call for Skilled Workforce

An Interview with Suresh Katta

Saama’s Founder and CEO, Suresh Katta, sat down with Outsourcing-Pharma for a fascinating interview about the digital transformation of the clinical development workforce.

“We are beginning an exciting new era when drug development teams can look at artificial intelligence (AI) as a welcomed new co-worker,” Mr. Katta says.

The interview covers a wide range of topics, including how pharma can recruit the right people to facilitate digital transformation. According to Mr. Katta, “the industry needs to embrace and activate experts at every organizational level who are aligned with leveraging analytics and technology to achieve greater efficiencies. Biopharma has done an excellent job of adding scientific experts throughout organizations, but now must follow through by likewise integrating experts in AI and machine learning (ML). These professionals must become standard team members throughout an organization, not just in the IT department.”

Mr. Katta says that ideal candidates for the new digital era include a mix of seasoned drug development professionals and new college graduates with fresh ways of thinking. He adds that “innovative individuals who display early-adopter traits will be especially valuable to life science companies in the coming years.”