How Active Safety Analytics Can Help Pharma Companies Increase Public Confidence in COVID-19 Vaccine

Overcoming Current Surveillance Challenges

With the biggest U.S. vaccine initiative currently underway, research indicates that 39% of Americans are reluctant to get vaccinated. Writing for Clinical Research News, Saama VP and Partner Benzi Alex Mathew examines the phenomenon and recommends an approach for easing people’s minds.

“The use of Active Safety Analytics is the way to close the gap between those willing to be vaccinated and those who are hesitant,” he writes. “This state-of-the-art technology complements current passive/spontaneous safety surveillance while also overcoming inherent limitations.”

The article explains how Pharma organizations of all sizes can leverage a data-driven surveillance approach similar to that established by the FDA’s Sentinel Initiative, including the FDA-developed TreeScan methodology for safety signal detection using real-world data.

With Pharma and the FDA working hand-in-hand to proactively monitor adverse events related to COVID-19 vaccines and other drugs in the marketplace, public confidence in the industry can be more firmly established.

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