Leveraging AI to Slingshot Drugs from Lab to Market

The Key to AI Success is Trust and Respect

In order to fully leverage AI for clinical development, the life sciences industry must trust AI. While we aren’t quite there yet, great strides are being made by pioneering scientists and engineers.

In this article from PharmaVOICE, Saama’s VP of AI Research, Malai Sankarasubbu, writes that “It is only through the collaboration of the great scientific minds of biopharma and the great engineering minds of tech that such trust can be established, thereby enabling the life sciences industry to effectively leverage AI to slingshot safe and effective drugs from lab to market in record time.”

By working together on AI-enabled analytical tools, biopharma and tech companies are clearing the obstacles faced by study data managers and monitors.

Existing AI platforms can already facilitate the dynamic visualization, analysis, and interrogation of data across clinical research programs. The momentum is moving towards an inevitable future of AI-powered precision medicine, in which a person’s genetic make-up, lifestyle, and environment inform how researchers develop targeted therapies.

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