Saama Board Member Reflects on the Year Pharma “Got it Right.”

Outsourcing-Pharma Interviews William H. Carson, M.D.

Pharma veteran William H. Carson, M.D. has a proven track record of success in R&D, clinical development, and regulatory affairs. He is currently the chair of the board for Otsuka Pharmaceutical Development & Commercialization (OPDC) and joined Saama’s Board of Directors in November 2020.

In this compelling interview with Outsourcing-Pharma, Dr. Carson discusses how the industry advanced by leaps and bounds by embracing AI in 2020, and what pharma professionals should know in order to succeed in the years ahead.

Dr. Carson looks forward to a future of collaboration, during which “we need to bring in all of the stakeholders, including patients, advocacy groups, drug manufacturers, and technology companies, to apply tech’s version of Moore’s Law. Doing so over the next decade will enable us to create cost-effective treatments for many more human illnesses that have not been fully addressed so far.”

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