The Expanded Role of AI in Pharma

How Machines Are Transforming Life Sciences

Artificial intelligence is expected to play an even bigger role in pharma’s future, as long as regulatory concerns, investment reticence, a fear of machines replacing humans, and other barriers can be overcome.

This PharmaVOICE article discusses the promise of AI to deliver transformational capabilities related to drug discovery, clinical trials, regulations, manufacturing, and commercial activities.

Jonathan Burr, Saama’s Senior VP, Clinical Platform Strategy who features prominently in the article, talks about the power of smart applications to facilitate data ingestion, data mapping, and the prediction of data discrepancies, as well as the future possibilities of AI to facilitate in silico research for high-throughput drug screening.

According to Mr. Burr, soon it will be possible to use AI to create a digital twin of the entire human body. “This will be a game changer in how trials are conducted,” he says. “Imagine a world where a machine could conduct the equivalent of Phase I, II and III research, with a high degree of accuracy and without having to subject humans to experimental therapies. Having been proven through AI to be safe and effective in silico, a drug could potentially be brought to market for qualified patient engagement with a label indicating a real-world testing phase.”

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