• Forrester® - Total Economic Impact™

    Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study shows Saama Fluid Analytics Delivers 400% Customer ROI and Payback in Under 6 Months

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  • Saama’s Analytics now available on Microsoft Azure

    Saama and Microsoft announce strategic alignment to help companies access Saama’s Fluid Analytics Engine™ (FAE) in the cloud.

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  • Saama and Salesforce

    Discover how Saama and Salesforce are partnering to offer Ready Analytics on the Wave Platform.

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  • $1,000,000 less churn per month = $12,000,000 more revenue per year

    The biggest no-brainer any business can invest in. Be proactive with your customers with advanced predictive analytics. Saama Churn Analytics will get you there.

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  • Get a step ahead of hedge funds.

    Invest smarter with hidden data. Let Saama use its predictive analytics modeling to uncover advantages in charting the right course. Predictive Investment Modeling applies to hard and soft assets. If you’re just using NPV for determining investments, you’re likely missing most of the action.

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  • When You Need to Accelerate ROI Across Petabytes of Data

    Shed light on Real World Evidence by measuring and tracking patient outcomes from a variety of sources in real-time. Outcomes-based analytics provide actionable insights for strategic decisions in minutes, instead of weeks.

    Rev up RWE
    Real World Data Warehouse
  • Hospitals! Increase your HCAHPS scores 25% in one year.

    Let Saama Patient Experience transform the patient care value chain with comprehensive big data immersion. Identify priority patient concerns, key strategic insights, and optimal strategy to drive HCAHPS scores in one year. Automated reporting gets you up and running in a fraction of the time.

    Revamp patient care
  • One-Two Punch for Data in One View

    Transcend information silos with an intelligent, flexible, cost-effective infrastructure. Saama delivers the first modern insurance data platform built on Hadoop. An easy win for business innovation – simultaneous conversion and analytics data warehouse set up 40% faster than industry average.

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  • Minute Details, Big Analysis, Huge Savings

    Obtain business-impacting accuracy with robust & highly granular claims analytics. Intuitive visualization, pre-built reports and “citizen analyst” flexibility yield up to 3x faster performance with 66% productivity increase. Let Saama Insurance Analytics get to work for your colleagues.

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  • Identify Fraud – While It Happens

    By applying automated means to identifying the characteristics of fraud and matching algorithms to detect anomalies, machine learning reduces the need for human intervention. Let Saama provide you the opportunity to raise the accuracy of fraud detection up to 80 or 95 percent, and prevent fraud crimes from occurring in the first place.

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  • Put Your World Into Their Mobiles

    Let your customers take the hassle out of accidents by letting technology build trust and transparency. Help your customers when they feel vulnerable, and enable them to begin accident resolutions on the spot, wherever they are. Saama Ready Mobility solutions ease the burden with simple accident checklists and details captured with any mobile device.

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  • Go To Market Faster

    Streamline clinical trial management with application of the latest risk-based monitoring (RBM) guidelines. Dynamic Source Data Verification reveals outliers for 50% improvement in clinical trial quality.

    Improve clinical trials
  • 60 to 100 Basis Points Are a Good Start

    Increase the cause-effect quotient. Are you a product or brand manager? Sentiment is a leading indicator of brand value. Analyze it by state, SMSA, city, ZIP, neighborhood. Know what ad campaigns will have the biggest impact and where. Know the price elasticities. With advanced Post Event Analysis, you can distill the causal factors to track customer satisfaction and link to revenue projections. Then repeat.

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  • Your Very Own Headstart – Actionable Results in 6 Weeks

    How to monetize data assets? How to recognize them, how to invest in them. The Saama Data & Analytics Jump-Starts. Focus your data lens through strategic data business consulting that provide you with the assessment and customized playbook to ensure you’re at the top of your game. Let us pore over your data and give you the advantage.

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Our Solutions For You

Our Ready-Analytics solutions are based on many years of experience delivering Big Data projects to the world’s leading brands. Our customers’ success is based on a combination of high-end data & analytics services, our unique Fluid Analytics Engine™, and pre-packaged app components to quickly create a solution that:

  • lays a data fabric across your existing IT and data assets
  • optimally leverages our pre-built technology components, canned data models and visualizations
  • drives the business use case to monetize your data assets as a competitive differentiator

Saama Ready-Analytics delivers the shortest time-to-value with the highest possible flexibility for you. We are the leading one-stop shop for delivering high-quality analytics quickly and efficiently, every time.

  • Data Strategy Jump-Start

    …helps you sort out the complexity in making and sequencing the strategic investments to future-proof your analytics capabilities.

  • Business Insight Jump-Start

    … showcases the value and power of data assets by scoping a specific business problem and driving from Raw Data to Business Insight in a compressed, rapidly iterative 6-week Proof-of-Value engagement.

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