Faster Trials, Better Outcomes

Faster Drug Commercialization

Advanced clinical data and real world evidence analysis drives better clinical trial decisions and profitable post approval activities. Intelligent automation of enterprise data harmonization lets you focus on your core competencies of bringing drugs to market faster.

Better Business and Patient Outcomes

Solutions tailored to your business guarantees the most pressing problems get solved. Evaluate trial performance and proactively manage risks using industry standards and metrics. “Crosswalk” your internal and external, data to unlock valuable business insights.

Reduce Total Cost of Ownership

Pre-packaged solutions shorten implementation and deployment time frames saving resources and money. Solution approach fully leverages and modernizes existing infrastructure and investment, no need to rip and replace.

Get the Analytics Advantage

Get to Insights Faster

With 70% pre-built components for embedded data science, intelligent automation and machine learning, you see results in days or weeks — not months or more.

Reuse Investments, Smartly

No rip and replace. Use your existing data, analytics, and IT “as is” and build out your market leadership analytics powered by our Fluid Analytics Engine. Derive value from data in ways previously not possible.

Tailor-Made for You

Analytics solutions specific to your business, data, domain and time. Situation-specific “magical joins” bring the right data together in time and context. 

Customers Talk Game-Changing Outcomes

“We have new capabilities that we did not have before. If we were doing this analysis today prior to the new data mart, the number of hours would be well into thousands.”

Operations and governance manager, US-based life sciences company