Saama Named Analytics Solution Provider of the Year by BioTech Breakthrough Awards

Saama Named Analytics Solution Provider of the Year by BioTech Breakthrough Awards

CAMPBELL, Calif. — November 3, 2022 — Saama has been named Analytics Solution Provider of the Year as part of the 2022 BioTech Breakthrough Awards. The award recognizes Saama’s Smart Clinical Explorer (SCE), which offers predictive analytics capabilities to medical and safety teams in clinical trials to ensure patient safety and drug efficacy. 

The BioTech Breakthrough Awards honor innovative solutions and companies that address a true need, solve a complex or critical problem, or seize an opportunity and create or revolutionize a new market or industry. Saama joins an impressive list of winners comprised of top companies and startups in the biotechnology industry, including Abbott, Brightseed, Honeywell, Pfizer, Promontory Therapeutics, Quanterix, Vizgen, Waters, and more.

“This award recognizes Smart Clinical Explorer as an integral component of our Clinical Insights application,” said Vivek Sharma, Chief Executive Officer at Saama. “Exploratory analytics have seen heavy use across our customer base since they were introduced. In fact, Smart Clinical Explorer has been the most-used medical monitoring component in our Life Science Analytics Cloud platform. This strong usage indicates a preference for exploratory analytics with predictive capabilities, and this award further validates that our approach is truly serving our customers and patients.”

Smart Clinical Explorer consolidates dozens of clinical charts and tables into six key focus areas and can allow medical and  safety teams two to four weeks of advanced planning through predictive capabilities, a critical window, especially for patients undergoing novel treatments. The predictive component of Smart Clinical Explorer allows medical monitors to be more proactive by understanding what is likely to happen based on existing evidence. This consolidated view shines in oncology settings, where analytics need to be updated continually over many years.

“The volume and quality of submissions of this year’s nominees truly encompass the best and brightest companies within the life sciences and biotechnology industries today,” said Bryan Vaughn, Managing Director at Tech Breakthrough. “Saama’s Smart Clinical Explorer tool is genuinely impacting how clinical trial teams operate on a day-to-day basis with real implications for patient care. We congratulate the entire team at Saama on their well-deserved Analytics Solution Provider of the Year award.”

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Saama develops life science solutions that accelerate clinical and commercial development. Today, more than 50 biotech companies—including many of the top 20 pharmaceutical companies—use Saama’s award-winning Life Science Analytics Cloud (LSAC) platform to accelerate more than 1,500 studies, including the clinical trial that led to the world’s first COVID-19 vaccine. LSAC’s rich applications facilitate unprecedented and authoritative oversight and automation of comprehensive clinical research data, enabling companies to file New Drug Applications (NDAs) more efficiently and bring treatments to patients sooner. Discover more at and follow @SaamaTechInc on Twitter.


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