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News December 4, 2011

Saama Launches Business Intelligence Center of Excellence (BI CoE)

New offering focusing on support and enhancement uses extensive, direct experience, targeted methodology and IP/tools to cut costs

Campbell, CA, December 04, 2011: Saama Technologies Inc. today announced the launch of the Business Intelligence Center of Excellence (BI CoE), a unique offering designed to optimize the productivity of Business Analytics deployments in the enterprise through a cross-functional, shared services structure. By addressing operational needs and support and enhancement functions, the new managed service enables companies to refocus critical resources on higher-order tasks and slash costs.

“Most major BI deployments involve a high level of cost and complexity, and supporting them inevitably drains resources from other critical business functions,” said Suresh Katta, CEO of Saama. “Our new BI CoE offering is designed to help companies re-prioritize their IT resource allocation, while ensuring that support and enhancement of the existing implementation continues with a much matured set of automated tools and well proven methodologies along with team of top-tier BI practitioners. This helps them with a very reliable tool based and repeatable process driven CoE while cutting costs almost immediately and focusing important in-house resources where they’re most needed.”

Saama’s BI CoE operation can provide ongoing production support and maintenance of BI implementation. Tasks performed by the Saama BI CoE include 1) Production Support: Data Fixes, Ongoing Support, Scheduling, Monitoring and Admin Activities 2) Enhancements: Modification to existing reporting systems 3) Maintenance: Planned Recycling Refresh and Synchronizing environments.

Saama’s tools and technologies have been in production for over 7 years supporting many large Fortune clients in many areas including a) Data Discovery Tool b) Report Metadata Management c) Data Lineage and Impact Analysis d) Data Validators e) Report Catalog Analyzer

Saama’s intelligenceDISTILLERYSM is a well proven set of methodologies to manage the entire process from Preparing, Planning, Distilling and Disseminating phases of Business Analytics implementation through our industry recognized Strategize, Visualize and Operationalize approach.

Saama has effectively implemented support models for BI implementations for large enterprises using its own targeted methodology, tools and IP. These services are backed by more than three million hours of Business Intelligence experience and architectural expertise gathered over more than a decade.

About Saama

Saama is a business analytics company, working with major software vendors to create solutions that help organizations make better quality decisions. Saama manages enterprise data at various stages in its lifecycle to transform complex data streams into valuable information that directly improves profitability. Since 1997, Saama has blended technical expertise, functional knowledge and patented technologies to serve Fortune 500 corporations in industries such as health care, life sciences, technology and media, as well as public sector agencies.

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