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News February 11, 2011

Saama on "Data Analytics: Expanding the Universe of Data" Panel @ 29th Annual NICSA conference

Saama will join esteem panelist from Franklin Templeton Investments and Matthews International Cap on the topic of Data Analytics for the Investment Industry. The session will be moderated by Frank Coates – managing partner of Board Systems LLC.

Rajeev Dadia – Sr. Partner and VP Business Development will represent Saama on this panel. Panel will focus on Data Analytics and BI as described below on Feb 15th in Miami, FL.

Data Analytics: Expanding the Universe of Data

The promise of data analytics is to bring undiscovered knowledge, resulting in new opportunities, to various business domains. Most firms are familiar with first and second generation analytics as a result of their investments in data warehouses, business intelligence tools, and statistical analysis packages. However, in this age of emails, documents, audio, video, graphics, and Social Media, the definition of what constitutes “data” is changing rapidly. As a result, the value of the information and opportunities from this data are increasing.

Consider the following examples from other industries using data in creative ways:

Marketers and political campaigns are using data from polls, social media, and Web sites to determine the “sentiment” of their target audiences.

In the event of an accident, OnStar collects real time data from vehicles to provide emergency responders with qualitative and quantitative information.

Garmin can re-route a driver in real time to avoid congestion and construction.

Google Maps can offer suggestions about restaurants, attractions, and other complementary information to enhance a road trip.

Two key capabilities that enable this level of insight are ability to locate the various forms of relevant data, and analytics to produce useful information.

Attendees can expect to listen to experts engage in a dialog that challenges conventional wisdom around: How well the asset management industry is leveraging available information to boost its results? What the top opportunities to capitalize on data in sales and operations are? What exemplar peers are doing in this space? Are the advanced collaboration and social media platforms (e.g., SharePoint, Wikis, Google Wave) creating new areas to explore? And, given current technology, what should asset managers be investing in now?

Attendees will walk away with innovative ideas, practical solutions to address day-to-day challenges, and a chance to gain insight and forward thinking from a diversified group of panelists. For more information visit

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